Top 10 Superfood

Do you also have a kitchen cabinet full of supplements, vitamins and superfoods? Make room for our top 10 superfoods, because these are the best you can buy. Buy the best superfoods and supplements here.

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Reishi Zen Coffee | Organic (Mushrooms4Life) 64 grams Organic
Lion’s Mane [Hericium erinaceus] Organic (Pure Mushrooms)

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Fit Mix Cordyceps / Reishi / Maitake Extract | Organic (Pure Mushrooms) 60 capsules Organic
Reishi Mushroom Extract (Foodsporen) 30 ml
St John's-wort [Hypericum perforatum] 20 grams
5-HTP (Fit4Seasons) 40 capsules
Herbal Spliff Mix (Indian Elements)

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Tripsitter Party Supplement 6 tabs

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Top 10 Superfood and Supplements

In this category, you’ll find the 10 nutritional supplement and superfood bestsellers of Dutch-Headshop. Our medicinal mushrooms, for example, are flying over the counter, but party supplements for during and after tripping and partying are also doing well. Take a look at the list of our top 10 superfoods and be amazed by the best products from the health shop.

What are Superfoods exactly?

Superfoods, also known as Powerfoods, are foods. For many people, Superfood products have become an indispensable part of the daily diet. Superfood contains nutrients that are important. These required nutrients are rarely found in normal food. This makes Superfood extremely popular these days.

Why is Hemp so Special?

We can be long and short about this. Hemp is versatile. Over the centuries it has been used extensively for various things. From food supplements to raw materials. Examples include rope, paper, plastic and CBD products. The hemp plant contains important nutrients and fibers that are widely applicable. From the seeds to the flowers of the plant. Everything can be used.

In addition to the versatility of the plant, hemp is also relatively easy to grow for farmers. Hemp grows well above the weeds and does not need chemicals or fertilizers to promote growth. Incredibly durable.

Healthy Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are healthy. They're just in the vegetable section. A fact we are all aware of. However, the healthy mushrooms we are talking about are something else. They are not 'everyday healthy mushrooms', but special and healthy mushrooms. For example, the Reishi, Lion's Mane or Chaga mushrooms were discovered centuries ago. Despite being known for a long time, they are still loved by Eastern medicine. The healthy mushrooms are packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Ideal to support the immune system, body and mind.