Plagron for Flowering

Weed Plant in Bloom? You are almost there! Almost the moment has come: the harvest of your cannabis plant. Finally all your patience, love and attention is paying off in a large strong cannabis plant. At least, that is what you hope. First your cannabis plant has to go through the flowering phase. No matter how well you take care of your cannabis plant, danger always lies in wait; many leaf problems and vermin. Take precautionary measures and protect your beloved cannabis plant with our cannabis fertilizer especially for the flowering phase! Bloom nutrition and stimulators from Plagron, BAC, Advanced Nutrients and more!

Cannabis Plant in Bloom

Weed plant + bloom = very large green buds. At least, if you have a healthy plant. A weed plant in bloom needs the proper care to yield good indoor or outdoor weed. Inspect your plants every day and watch out for deficits or pests. Give enough bloom nutrition every day and try to find the right time to harvest. A blooming weed plant asks a lot from you, but it also gives you a lot back.

The Flowering Phase: Your Cannabis plant is Almost Mature!

First of all: congratulations! Your cannabis plant is almost mature. In the flowering phase your cannabis plant produces flowers. Or those little white hairs, called trichomes. That is what contains the most cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. From now on it progresses very fast. The flowering hairs will only increase and your cannabis plant reaches maturity, in other words she is almost ready for the moment suprème: the harvest 

The flowering phase is also the phase, where you as a grower should pay attention. Your cannabis plant needs her cannabis fertilizer now more than ever. Certain fertilizers are simply indispensable for the plant in this phase. If your cannabis plant does not take in the right fertilizer - or a deficiency of these - many leaf problems can arise. Think of yellow or brown leaves, vermin and fungi. When this happens you can forget about your harvest.

Give the Right fertilizer to Your cannabis plant During the Flowering phase

But wait, before you see a bleak future for your cannabis plant, there is good news. You can indeed prevent annoying deficiencies for your cannabis plant. How? Give cannabis the right fertilizer. Is it really that simple? Certainly. We have exactly the cannabis fertilizer (from Plagron) your cannabis plant needs. And who knows, your cannabis plant grows so well that your yield even doubles.

So do not wait any longer and make your move with our cannabis fertilizer, because your cannabis plant is eager for those extra nutrients from Plagron.

Bloom nutrition for weed

We have both bloom nutrition for weed as well as bloom stimulators and leaf nutrition that you can give as an additive. Let's start with the standard bloom nutrition that you can give when the growing phase is over and you see the first hairs of bloom.

  • Terra Bloom and Alga Bloom by Plagron is the classic and reliable blooming nutrition that has helped many growers. It ensures good root development and a rich bloom for the weed plant. Alga Bloom is specially designed for 100% organic cultivation. Terra Bloom is a bloom nutrition that you can use with any soil mix and combine with all kinds of stimulators and additives.
  • Bloom Nutrition by BAC is top quality, organically certified plant food. A balanced spectrum of substances, sugars, spores and minerals that your weed plant needs when in bloom. Good in combination with the organic root stimulator from BAC.
  • pH Perfect Sensi Bloom by Advanced Nutrients is there for every grower who does not feel like measuring pH values. This unique formula actually adjusts the pH value itself. You get an A&B bottle that you have to mix before use. Perfect in combination with Bud Candy, Big Bud and other additives from Advanced Nutrients.

Then there is special bloom nutrition that serves as an additive. These are the best bloom stimulators.

  • Green sensation flowering stimulator even ensures that you can double your yield. A powerful booster that you use in the final four to six weeks of the flowering phase. 
  • Sugar royal organic flowering stimulator is a powerful flowering stimulator based on amino acids. This will improve the smell, taste, production of leaf green and resistance of your cannabis plant!
  • Vita Race leaf fertilizer organic is a multi-purpose product. This cannabis fertilizer can be used both in the grow- and (start) flowering phase This product increases the natural hormones and leaf growth 

Plagron: the Cannabis Fertilizer Specialist

Many of our cannabis fertilizers come from Plagron. Why? They offer an extensive assortment with quality, organic products. They started 25 years ago. This small company has since grown into a large international company with a mission. From novice growers to experiential experts; everyone really can work with their products. 

All-in-one cannabis fertilizer with the Top Box Grow 100% Bio

Do you want to treat your cannabis plant well for his entire life? We have an all-in-one cannabis fertilizer as well. With this you give your cannabis plant exactly what it needs, from germination to harvest! This prevents a lot of hassle. Do you want to know more? View our Top Box Grow 100% Bio from Plagron.

A Large Yield As Well? Invest in Good Plant fertilizer! 

Good plant fertilizer remains crucial. During every phase of your cannabis plant(s). Take a look at our range of cannabis fertilizers specifically for the flowering phase and increase your yield. Do you have questions? Or do you not know where it is going wrong? Ask our customer service. Send a picture via WhatsApp and we will help you!