Zip Lock Bags & Weed Bags

The air-tight and resealable zipper bags everyone is familiar with. All coffee shops sell their products in these kind of zip lock bags. Weed bags of all types, colours and sizes. With or without weed logo? Large zipper bags or small bags you can seal? You can buy weed bags from us quickly and discreetly!

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Zip Lock Bags 200x300 transparant (0.09mm)
Zip Lock Bags Bioplastic 55x65 Transparent (0.05mm)
Zip Lock Bags 55x65 Colored (0.09 mm)

Starting at 3,95

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Zip Lock Bags  55x65 transparant (0.09mm) Best Buy
Zip Lock Bags 60x80 Black with Weed Leaf (0.05 mm)
Zip Lock Bags  90x90 transparant (0.09mm)
Zip Lock Bags 60 x 80 transparent with leaf (0.05mm)
Boveda Boost 62% Humidity Regulator

Starting at 1,50

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Boveda Boost 58% Humidity Regulator

Starting at 1,50

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Zip Lock Bags 55x65 transparant with weed leaf (0.06mm)
Zip Lock Bags 120x170 transparant (0.05mm)
Gripzakjes 120 x 180 transparant (0,06mm)
Weck Jar / Glass Jar for Curing Cannabis

Starting at 6,95

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You are in need of zip-lock bags to store marijuana, hash or other herbs? You are at the right place at the Dutch-Headshop. There is ample choice in zipper bags of all sizes and shapes. Are you looking to buy ziplock bags or weed bags with or without a weed logo? We’ve got them all.

Small Zip Lock Bags or Large Zipper Bags

Although zipper bags are simple marijuana bags and often have many things in common, they are different. Especially the size of the bags differs per product. The size of the bag is of course important for checking how much cannabis or hash fits in the bag. Shown below are the different sizes of the products in our product assortment.

  • 55x65mm
  • 60x80mm
  • 90x90mm
  • 70x100mm
  • 120x170mm
  • 120x180mm
  • 200x300mm

The most common size is 60x80 mm. A bag of this size can contain about 3 grams of marijuana. Apart from its size, the bag's thickness is important as well. This determines the firmness of the bag, and to what extent you can notice its smell. All the zipper bags sold by us have been tested for strength.So they won’t break in a hurry but nonetheless it’s a good idea to figure out in advance how much you will be storing. You’re better off buying large zipper bags if you’re going to be harvesting a lot or just some small sealable bags if you have somewhat less to divide up. One thing’s for sure: our ziplock bags are very versatile in use.

Buying Weed Bags

Whatever you do with your weed, resealable bags are indispensable. And they have to be sturdy too! We’re well aware of that at Dutch Headshop. For that very reason, we’re one of the best-known and most reliable suppliers when it comes to buying weed bags. Large format zipper bags for if you’ve harvested a big yield from your plant at the end of the summer. Or small ones with a weed logo for storing or packaging it separately by the gramme. You can use ziplock bags for anything!

Benefits of Zip Lock Bags

Zipper bags are very useful for storing cannabis, hashish or other herbs, but zipper bags have more advantages. It is no coincidence that virtually every coffee shop offers its customers cannabis or hashish in a zipper bag. Apart from storing weed, a zipper bag is air-tight and therefore reduces odor nuisance. Also, marijuana can be preserved longer in a zipper bag. A marijuana bag ensures the marijuana won't dry out quickly. The last advantage to mention is that the bag is resealable. Losing your marijuana, is impossible.

Main Products

Zipper bags have little differences, in principle, but the 60x80 black zipper bags with marijuana leaf have an extra advantage for your marijuana. These bags prevent light reaches the contents. This keeps your cannabis fresh longer. Daylight causes the THC to break down. Also the 120x170 transparent bags offer an extra advantage. These zipper bags have a nice size so you can put in a lot of marijuana, hashish or other herbs.

Ziplock Bags with Weed Logo

We have noticed that ziplock bags with a weed logo on them are particularly popular. We’ve got them in several colours. Which one do you think looks best? Blue, green, red, plain transparent or black? You can also pick whatever size you want. We are the place to come for resealable bags with weed logo.

Buying Weed Bags for Less

Zipper bags are very affordable at the Dutch-Headshop. They are sold per 100 pieces. The price depends on the quality of the bags, but for as little as 5 euros you have 100 high quality bags. Don't suffer any longer from a lack of bags when dividing your weed stash, and order these zipper bags easily at the Dutch-Headshop.