Amsterdam Genetics

Do you want to grow top quality weed from Dutch soil? The best weed strains from coffeeshop DNA, Boerejongens and others? Then choose one of these unique strains from Amsterdam Genetics. Famous cannabis experts from the Dutch capital used classic top genetics to develop these fantastic strains. Grow unique strains with high THC levels, huge yields, unique flavours and extraordinary effects with Amsterdam Genetics seeds.

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Quality is in the genes of Amsterdam Genetics. Since 1985, renowned cannabis experts from the Dutch capital have been developing the best strains in the world. Are you looking for an uncommon weed, one with exceptional characteristics? Then Amsterdam Genetics seeds are for you. The unique strains sold in high quality coffeeshops like Boerejongens and coffeeshop DNA can now be grown by everyone. Read more about this seedbank and breeder on this page or choose your strain and let's start growing.

Amsterdam Genetics Strains

The strains of Amsterdam Genetics originate from ancient Dutch cannabis knowledge. The best genetics in the world are crossed in the Dutch capital by the experts of Amsterdam Genetics. Especially the classical genetics from Amsterdam are used when crossing strains. The breeder has spread its products throughout the coffeeshop industry in the Dutch capital. As a result, the best genetics are at hand and the most unique strains can be developed. A passionate team of cannabis experts and connoisseurs wants to make sure that anyone can grow weed with first class cannabis seeds. Reason enough for us to include Amsterdam Genetics seeds in our collection.

The Freedom and Flavour of Amsterdam

It is the mission of Amsterdam Genetics to spread the freedom and flavour of Amsterdam throughout the world and develop the global cannabis community. The brand wants to achieve this by focusing on developing the best strains in the world, every day. Together with the knowledge from the Amsterdam coffeeshop industry, Amsterdam Genetics raises the bar a little higher every day. Thanks to the breeder and seed bank, the Netherlands can compete against the upcoming American forces.

Amsterdam Genetics Seeds – The Highest Quality

Amsterdam Genetics makes it possible for anyone to buy the highest quality cannabis seeds. Amsterdam Genetics seeds have the most reliable germination rates you can find on the market today. When developing new strains, they focus on preserving the qualities of the mother plants. All efforts go into bringing out the characteristics and strengths of the original strain in the new crossing. The love for innovating new strains has enabled Amsterdam Genetics to create stable genetics of the best strains on the planet. Not only from photoperiod strains. Also when crossing with rudelaris plants to create autoflowers, the qualities of the ancestors are optimally preserved. It produces the most unique Amsterdam Genetics seeds with extraordinary properties.

White Choco, Tangerine G13, AK-020 & More

The collection of Amsterdam Genetics has fantastic strains such as Blue Amnesia, AK-020, Milkshake Kush, Tangerine G13 and last but not least the famous White Choco™. If you start growing with these seeds you will not only be rewarded with potent weed and high yields. After a few weeks you can say that you have grown a unique Amsterdam Genetics strain with unique flavours and effects. It's not a question of choosing the best quality with Amsterdam Genetics seeds. It's more the question which strain you're going to start with. To help you get started, we've listed some unique characteristics of each strain:

  • Fatkid's Cakethe powerhouse with no less than 30% THC and a yield of up to 800 grams

  • Lemon Icesensational effect - one of the most creative, cheerful highs you can find

  • Tangerine G13unique hybrid between Tangerine and G13 - won multiple awards

  • White Chocofamous Amsterdam Genetics strain - weed with the most extraordinary flavour of sweet chocolate - for the true connoisseur

  • AK-020 Autoflowervery potent, typical Amsterdam autoflower with extraordinary flavours and effects

  • Blue Amnesia Autoflowerhybrid between the legendary Blue Dream and Amnesia - autoflower with all the advantages of a photoperiod strain

  • Milkshake Kush Autoflowervery easy to grow strain - suitable for recreational and medicinal users - Tastes like a chocolate milkshake

  • White Choco Autoflowerautoflower with exactly the same properties as its ancestor - Very mold resistant and thus resistant to moisture and cold.

The Famous Boerejongens, DNA Coffeeshop & More

Not only the Amsterdam Genetics seeds are very popular. The seed bank supplies to a wide range of the best coffeeshops in and around Amsterdam. Dutch stoners are definitely familiar with the famous Boerejongens and DNA Coffeeshop. Not to mention the quality stores like Coffeeshop Tweede Kamer, Relax, Taffne and Blue Tomato. 

Weed stores such as DNA coffeeshop and Boerejongens are usually located in luxury buildings. Men with white lab coats are always available to tell you all about the most unique strains in the Netherlands. Be seduced by the weed doctors in a Boerejongens or DNA coffeeshop or just grow the Amsterdam Genetics strains yourself with the seeds on this page.