Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

In this category, you'll find cannabis seeds for the garden or balcony. You can grow these cannabis plants outside in a pot, open ground, or in a greenhouse. They are resistant to weather influences and produce the best outdoor weed.
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Growing marijuana outdoors in the full sun. The feminized seeds from this category are very suitable to grow outdoors in any West European country. Growing garden cannabis starts at Dutch-Headshop

Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Not all cannabis seeds are suitable for growing weed outdoors. Not all seeds turn out well indoors, and the same goes for outdoors. That is why it is important to take a good look at where a weed plant prefers to grow. To help you we have filled this category with outdoor cannabis seeds only. All of these cannabis seeds are more weather resistant. Most of them are large and sturdy. They can withstand mould and pests relatively well. Even in the damp and sometimes cold Western European climate you can grow healthy plants with these cannabis seeds. So with these seeds you can grow large weed plants.

Outdoor Cannabis: Big plants and a high yield

Whether you are looking for THC-rich strains or medicinal, CBD-rich strains; these marijuana plants have in common they do well in a pot, soil or in a greenhouse. As these plants have a longer growth period, they get bigger and the yield is higher as well. The short-flowering strains are ready to be harvested by end of September, beginning of October.

Choosing outdoor cannabis seeds? Take a look at this article!

The biggest cannabis plants

Let's have a more detailed look at the largest cannabis plants. These giants can grow above the fence, so be aware: these plants are not so discreet.

  • Jack Herer - A tall hybrid that won countless awards.
  • Frisian Dew - The two meter tall hybrid, with beautiful purple buds.
  • Special Kush #1 - A pure Indica that can grow up to 3 meters tall.
  • Durban Poison - The biggest (2.5 meter) Sativa-dominant strain in our product range.

Outdoor Weed growing for Beginners 

Are you a beginner and have no idea how to grow good quality outdoor weed? Then it's best to take a look at our blog “Growing weed for beginners: Outdoor weed”. It explains step by step what you need to do to grow a healthy plant outdoors. Read the article carefully and you'll know what to look out for. Growing weed for beginners? Let Dutch-Headshop help you. 

Growing Autoflower Weed Outdoor

You don’t want complex light schemes? For outdoor cultivation there are both autoflowering and non-autoflowering strains. The advantage of autoflowering cannabis seeds is that, thanks to their short cycle, you can to 2 to 3 harvests per season. The non-autoflowers will only start flowering when days get shorter. In general, these ladies start flowering from mid to end of August. Autoflowers usually remain smaller, which is perfect when you want your plant to stay below fence level. Choose for example Auto Bubble Gum from our own Private Label, or the Auto Colorado Cookies from Dutch Passion for small plants with still a good harvest.

Growing autoflower outdoors? Start pre-growing early in the year and you can grow autoflowering weed several times in one summer. This has the advantage that your plants won't easily end up in bad weather for weeks at a time. The quality of the weed will remain better and if you choose the right strains, you can potentially harvest more in the end. 

Tips to grow weed outdoors

The best tip is to take your time in choosing the right seeds. As we've mentioned above, it is a good idea to pre-grow your weed plant when you start growing. By pre-growing, your plants will be healthier and sturdier when they go outdoors. The chance of success becomes much greater. Choose at least a sunny spot, out of sight. You can also fool your plant so it starts flowering earlier. That little trick is called darkening cannabis, and it means that you give the plants the idea that the days are getting shorter, by putting them in the dark for a long period each day. Darken the plant for a maximum of 12 hours of sunlight per day.

Special nutrition for cannabis plants will increase the yield. In this plant fertilizer category, you will find a selection of the best plant fertilizer of your cannabis plant. Although the idea is the seeds are located in natural light, this is not necessary. The plants also do very well in a (large) breeding cabinet such as the MiniGrow Box or in a greenhouse. You can use excellent growing techniques such as trellis, LST or thieving when growing outdoors. More tips for smart growing can be found in our blogs. 

Growing cannabis outdoor? Choose the plant that suits you best and order your outdoor cannabis seeds easily online at Dutch-Headshop. Ordering today means shipping today.