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Cones King-Size Joint Tubes (Greengo) 109 mm

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Greengo Rolling Papers | King-Size Slim

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Filter Tips / Roaches Unbleached (Greengo)

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Metal Grinder 4 parts (Greengo) 50 mm
Greengo Rolling Papers | King-Size

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Eco Rolling Tray (Greengo) 16 x 20 cm
Slim Filter Tips / Roaches Organic (Greengo) 15 mm

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Greengo Rolling Papers and Filter Tips | King-Size Slim

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Greengo Rolling Papers and Filter Tips | King-Size

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About Greengo

The greenest smoking brand in the world is without a doubt Greengo. “Go Green, Go Greengo!” is the slogan of the Dutch brand. They strive to produce all products as naturally as possible. Greengo rolling papers, for example, are made from FSC-approved recycled paper. These and other products use biodegradable material that is free of chemicals. Plastic products such as the Greengo Eco Grinder or Rolling Tray are made from recycled THC plastic that is made from old hash trays or weed bags. Super durable and also of top quality.

Greengo Papers

Greengo rolling papers have built up a lot of brand awareness in a few years. That's not for nothing. The 100% natural papers are super sturdy and have no influence on the taste of your joint. The rolling paper is extra thin, unbleached, free of chemicals, made from recycled paper, FSC-approved and provided with Arabic, natural gum. Nevertheless, we have managed to make a very strong product from Greengo rolling paper. Rolling joints with this rolling paper goes without any problems. Does not tear, sticks well, rolls well. What else do you want? Choose from King-Size and King-Size Slim format? Of course also possible with us!

Greengo Rolling Paper Box

Are you a fan of the Greengo rolling paper? Why not order a whole box right away? This will save you a lot of money and you won't be without it in the near future. A box of Greengo Rolling Paper is up to 35% cheaper than all those individual packets. The boxes are also available in different sizes.

Greengo Cones

Don't feel like spinning at all, but still want to smoke as naturally as possible? Or is Greengo rolling paper just your thing? Then buy Greengo cones. These are pre-rolled joint tubes that you only need to fill yourself. They are super sturdy and of course also 100% biodegradable.

Sustainable Smoking Supplies

In addition to the well-known rolling papers, there are many more Greengo smoking accessories. Lighters, tubes, grinders, trays and slim filters. You'll find it all in the cannabis industry's greenest range.

Eco Grinder

The Eco Grinder from Greengo is made from recycled THC plastic. This is plastic that was first used for containers to sell hash in. Or used ziplock bags that were neatly thrown away. You can see the pieces of weed and hash still in the Eco Grinder. (Yes really)! Besides the fact that this is the most durable grinder in the world and it looks really cool, it also has practical specs. The Greengo grinder is equipped with extra grip surfaces, is 3-piece and has a kief tray. And all that for an absurdly low price.

Eco Rolling Tray

The Greengo Eco Rolling Tray is produced in the same way as the brand's grinder. With a compact size, it fits in a handbag. It has an attachment to put in your joint while rolling. The Greengo Rolling Tray is also the wisest and most sustainable choice.


Buy Greengo filters? Choose from unbleached tip books or Slim Filters. It just depends on what you prefer to smoke with. Greengo filters are always in stock at the Dutch-Headshop. You can order whole boxes of filter tips yourself!

Buy Greengo Fast and Discreet

When you buy from our Greengo products, you are assured of the fastest possible delivery. Immediately after completing your orders, we ship the products and the parcel delivery service brings it to your home. There is no mention on the package. Buying Greengo from us is therefore the safest, fastest and most discreet way. We also always ensure the best possible price.