Plagron Nutrients

Growing weed with Plagron nutrients will be a piece of cake. Everything your little plant needs with products such as Plagron Terra Bloom, Alga Grow and of course Plagron Green Sensation.

Plagron nutrients is a fantastic foundation for growing weed. Everything your plants need. Below you will find a brief overview of some popular choices from our collection of Plagron plant nutrients for weed.

Plagron Green Sensation

Green Sensation is a powerful food supplement with a 4-in-1 action for, among other things, weed plants. You add this booster to your basic nutrients such as Plagron Terra Bloom or Alga Bloom to give your plants extra strength and vitality during crucial periods. Plagron Green Sensation:

  • Improves the blooming period with extra phosphorus and potassium
  • Increases resistance so your plants can take a beating
  • Stimulates root development by providing the soil around the plant with extra ingredients
  • Maximizes the yield by supplying the juice stream with the right substances

Green Sensation by Plagron is a popular additive to add from the fourth week of the flowering period. That's because in addition to your flowering nutrients you only need to buy one product to help your weed plants achieve a fantastic end result.

Plagron Terra Grow & Terra Bloom

Terra Grow and Terra Bloom are the bread and potatoes among plant nutrition. These basic nutrients for the growth and flowering period are especially suitable for weed plants because they contain the right NPK fertilizers for large and healthy plants. Handy: the 100% Terra Easy Pack with 50 ml bottles of Terra Grow & Bloom and Power Roots for growing one mega weed plant! 

Plagron Alga Grow & Alga Bloom

Want to grow organic weed? Then choose the 100% Natural collection from Plagron. Alga Grow (Plagron) 1 liter and Alga Bloom contain basic nutrients based on vegetable algae that is certified for organic cultivation. Would you rather have it all in one? Consider the organic Top Grow Box containing Power Roots, Alga Grow, Vita Race, Alga Bloom, Green Sensation and a measuring cup.

Plagron Bat Guano

Bat Guano is one of the most popular types of nutrients from Plagron. This has to do with the fact that weed plants are primarily tropical plants where bats are found in great abundance. Sativa weed plants in the tropics, as well as indica plants at the foot of the Hindu Kush, naturally receive that rich nutrition of bat manure or guano. The result? Tall weed plants with delicious tasting buds. That's why you use Plagron Bat Guano. The best soil enhancer if you are going to grow weed.

Buying Plagron Nutrients

At Dutch-Headshop you can buy not only weed seeds but also Plagron nutrients for a fair price and award-winning service. This way you can buy everything you need to grow your own weed. It's for good reason that Plagron nutrients is the bestseller in our selection of plant nutrition.

Plagron Growing Schedule

Terra Grow at home? Bat Guano ordered? Great, now all you need is a growing schedule. In our Plagron growing schedule you can read exactly what and how much you need to grow weed in soil and coco. It also shows the differences and similarities between the most popular types of Plagron nutrients and additives.