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Dutch-Headshop is an online Smartshop, Seedshop, Healthshop and Headshop with hundreds of products for the safe, legal and healthy use of soft drugs. Since our foundation in 2006, we have developed into one of the largest and most prominent web shops in our sector. You can come to us for literally everything involved in the use of smart and soft drugs. All our products are 100% legal and we supply to adults only (18+). Thanks to our extensive product knowledge which we share with you in our blogs and via our customer service, we are the platform for responsible drug use. We are the place to come to for anyone seeking pleasure, peace or a great high. We are trying in this way to bring the recreational use of smart drugs and soft drugs into acceptability in society. Our web shop is displayed in four languages and our products are supplied throughout the whole of Europe.

“Acceptance, Respect and Passion for soft and smart drugs. That is what Dutch-Headshop stands for.”

  • The best customer service - available for everyone 5 days a week
  • Very extensive product knowledge and professional blogs
  • Payments to Dutch-Headshop are safe and confidential
  • Deliveries by Dutch-Headshop are always discreet.
  • Only 100% safe and legal products are sold
  • Our customers' health is paramount
  • The platform for responsible and legal drug use
  • Strives for the acceptability of recreational smart and soft drug use.
  • Has a sincere passion for its products.
  • Gives respect to the user.

Read the whole history behind Dutch-Headshop!

Dutch-Headshop at Cannabis Freedom day

Dutch-Headshop: from Attic Room to Full-Service Web Shop

What started off as a nice idea for helping pot smokers roll a joint, ended up as an absolute asset for the world of soft drugs and smart drugs. Nineteen years ago, two brothers began making a so-called Rollmate in their attic room. In the meantime, they have ended up with one of the largest online head shops in Europe under their belt. What is now a successful undertaking, was still in its infancy at the start of this century. Read the story of our business which has grown in a short time into an important player in the field of products and advice connected to soft drugs.

Dutch-Headshop is an online Seed shop, Smart shop, Health shop and Head shop. With a range in excess of 1,200 products, you can come here for everything related to soft and smart drugs. Vaporizers, weed seeds, plant feed, shrooms, truffles, weed pipes, laughing gas, CBD oil, rolling paper, tips, weighing scales and a whole lot more! All 100% legal and delivered to your door!

History of Dutch-Headshop

In the hot summer of 2001, together with a friend, two brothers came up with a genius idea. The rollmate: a key ring in the shape of a joint with which anyone could roll a joint with no difficulty. The young men took the blueprint of this idea to a friendly metal worker and had a prototype made. A patent was applied for, and on a wing and a prayer they began selling the joint roller from the garage and attic room. To their own surprise, the rollmate was a huge success. In due course, the young men realised that their hobby was getting out of hand. They decided to expand the range and also to sell to customers outside the Netherlands. The internet was on the rise and a few years later, in 2006, the two brothers set up a web shop: Dutch-Headshop was born.

The garage where it all began

As the years flew by and the web shop continued to further develop, it became clear that the name Dutch-Headshop no longer completely covered the range of demand. Customers throughout Europe were requesting more than just things with which to roll joints. The range grew and grew. As well as the Headshop they also set up a Seedshop, Smartshop and Healthshop. That proved to be a clever move: Dutch-Headshop quickly grew into one of the largest suppliers in the field of items related to smart drugs and soft drugs.

Responsible and Legal Drugs Use

There is more to Dutch-Headshop than just selling products and making a profit. The company - and its employees as well - all share a sincere passion for soft drugs. As a pioneer in the sector, Dutch-Headshop has positioned itself for the acceptance of all legal substances and shows respect for users. For these reasons, Dutch-Headshop aspires to provide all the information required for the safe and responsible means of enjoying soft drugs in addition to its gigantic range of products. Through collaborations which include one with CAN (Dutch Cannabinoids Advice Bureau) and another with VLOS (Dutch Foundation for Consultation on Smart Products) we conform to the national quality standards and advance our professionalism wherever possible. Every day we learn in the pursuit of our goals.

A platform with information and advice for soft drugs user, that is what Dutch-Headshop has become. All products are guaranteed to be 100% legal and do not present a health risk to users. By means of blogs, clear product information and customer service that is available 5 days a week, the company contributes to responsible and legal soft drugs use in the whole of Europe! Thanks to the Dutch-Headshop formula, there is a safe and healthy way in which to use products related to smart drugs and soft drugs.

The Situation Today

Today, Dutch-Headshop is one of the biggest Dutch retailers within its sector and is extremely active throughout Europe. Customer service with long opening hours and our editorial team is engaged on a daily basis in producing interesting blogs about trending topics in the world of smart and soft drugs. Check out the blog page where you can find articles on just about any topic you can think of. 

Why become a Dutch-Headshop customer?

  • The best customer service - available for everyone 5 days a week
  • Very extensive product knowledge and professional blogs
  • Payments to Dutch-Headshop are safe and confidential
  • Deliveries by Dutch-Headshop are always discreet
  • Free shipping. Check here for your minimum order amount
  • Great Give-Away Promotions
  • Extra graduated discount on larger quantities
  • Only 100% safe and legal products are sold
  • Our customers health is paramount
  • The platform for responsible and legal drug use
  • Strives for acceptability of recreational smart and soft drug use
  • Has a sincere passion for its products
  • Gives respect to the user

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