Joint Filter Tip Designs Tutorial with Pictures

You can be a master at rolling joints, but if your joint filter tip is not good, it still won't smoke well. That is why you should learn how to make a good filter tip. We have several options for you such as the M-tip, gas chamber, spiral, heart tip and many others. Read this clear explanation with pictures so that rolling different joint filter tip designs becomes a piece of cake.

rolling joint filter tips

Why roll joint filter tips?

All over the world, people smoke joints differently. Some with tips and others without. In some countries you see cigarette filters used and on the other side of the world pieces of cork. In Europe, we often make a filter out of a rectangular piece of paper. But why do we roll these joint filter tips?

  • A joint without a tip doesn't smoke as well, according to some people. A sticky piece of rolling paper with a few grains of weed or tobacco stuck to your lip is not exactly appetizing. You can roll tips to make the joint lie more comfortably in your mouth. Although: tastes differ!
  • A joint tip prevents the contents of the joint from ending up in your mouth.
  • A filter tip makes the joint more solid. 
  • Some tips filter some of the harmful substances created when you smoke a joint.
  • A tip can cool the smoke; more pleasant for your throat.
  • For very large joints a tip is necessary because the contents may fall out.
  • You can roll hundreds of different tips. Some look crazier than others. Stoners are creative people, so you will see all kinds of works of art.

joint filter tip designs

Rolling different kinds of joint filter tip designs

A good filter tip is sturdy and no smokables should get through it. At the same time, smoke should still be able to pass through it and it should not clog up. The thickness is also important. You determine this based on the size of your joint and your own preferences. For large joints you often need to roll thicker tips. For small joints you need thin ones. We have five options for you, which we are going to explain in detail.

Rolling an M Tip (Or W)

Rolling an M Tip is not difficult. You first craft the paper into the shape of an M and then wrap the rest around it. The M (or W) makes sure no crumbs get through the tip. It is done as follows.

  1. Fold over a small piece of the tip and repeat this proces five times. Each piece should be about 2 millimeters thick. By folding the paper in a different direction each time, you can make an M shape.

  2. Make an M and hold the tip at both ends with your thumb and index finger (see photo). Try to wrap the rest of the paper around it as tightly as possible.
  3. m tip draaien

  4. If you let go of the tip now you will see that the M tip does not hold its shape. To make sure that the paper stays around it, you have to "roll" the tip, so to speak. After you have rolled all the paper around it, grab the tip with both hands (thumb and index finger) and continue rolling in the same direction. Do this for about 10 to 20 seconds and the M tip will stay in the right shape.*
  5. *Important! No matter which of the different tips you roll, you must always keep rolling it in order to hold the shape. You always do at the end of rolling the tip.

    tip doordraaien

  6. The M tip is now basically done. Check that enough air can pass through it. Inhale through the tip before you start rolling your joint. Is it difficult to inhale? Then you have rolled the tip too tightly and you need to roll it again. This time leave a little more room at the M you make at the beginning.

M tip


You can surely picture the shape of a spiral tip. That needs no further explanation. If you can roll a spiral tip well, you have almost no chance of anything getting through the tip. The spaces between the paper are very small. Follow these steps to roll a spiral tip. 

  1. You have to try to roll the tip as tight as possible. The hardest part is to start. You can do this by laying the piece of paper down in front of you and bringing the right side toward the left. As if you were folding it in half, but without a folding edge. Then you clamp the tip between your thumb and index finger and bring your thumb back to your palm. Do this until a tiny piece remains.
  2. spiraal tip draaien

  3. Once you have managed to make a start you can roll the tip all the way up. Do the same trick as in step 3 of the M Tip (keep rolling) to make sure that the spiral holds its shape well. 
  4. spiraal tipje

    Roll this way to the end.

  5. Make sure that you can easily inhale through the tip. The areas between the paper should also not be too large. Then smokables can come through. If the tip is not good, you can roll it again. A little tighter or less tight.

spiraal tip

Gas Chamber Tip

The gas chamber tip is very similar to the spiral. The difference is that you tear off a piece at one end, creating a hollow space in the tip. That hollow space is on the side where you inhale. That hollow space fills up with smoke, even though you're not inhaling. That explains the name "gas chamber". It is easy to roll.

  1. Tear off a corner of the tip at a 90-degree angle. If you have folded the corner the first time, fold it the other way again. Then it's easier to tear off.
  2. gaskamer tip draaien

  3. Now follow steps 1, 2 and 3 of the spiral tip. You will notice that it is easier to start.

  4. If you are going to roll a joint with a gas chamber tip, the 'closed side' should be on the weed side. The 'open side' goes on the outside, where you inhale.

gaskamer tipje

The left side is the closed side. It is in contact with the content of the joint. Right is the open side.

Roll a heart Tip

Smoking a joint with your girlfriend, friend, partner, spouse, fling or love of your life? Then put a little more effort into it and roll a heart tip. It takes a little more effort and you need a thin but strong object. A piece of steel wire, paper clip, or skewer will do.

It is very difficult to explain in words exactly how a heart tip roll works. So watch this short video. It says more than a 1000 words!

Without a Tip / Cigarette filter

Don't have enough tips in the house to roll your joint? Don't panic. You can roll different tips using other materials. You just need to make sure that the paper has the appropriate thickness. An A4 sheet is too thin and a beer mat is too thick. Suitable things you can use are: a train ticket, the tab from a pack of cigarettes, a pack of chewing gum, the top of a pack of rolling papers, the cardboard at the bottom of a pack of papers, a magazine or photo paper. You probably have some of these things on hand. Cut a piece 18 to 25 mm wide and roll a tip of your choice.

You can also tear off a cigarette filter from a cigarette and use this as a filter. Opinions are a bit divided on this. The filter would filter active substances from the joint, making you less high or stoned. In practice, however, this does not seem to be the case.

joint sigaretten filter

Moroccan Tip

Another option is the Moroccan tip. You can make this by cutting or cutting off a piece of the top of a cigarette. Simply put it in your joint as a tip and spin. If you keep the tip in one piece and don't let it crumble too much, it smokes just fine. If you don't, a Moroccan tip will put a lot of tobacco in your mouth.

marokkaanse tip

Moroccan Tip.

Roll a tip for a Party Joint or L

If you want to roll a very large joint you need a different tip. Rolling the different tips we mentioned above won't work, because you won't have enough firmness. Besides, that single tip has to filter the entire contents of your party joint or L, which can give you the infamous tar tip. 

So if you want roll a tip for a party joint or L, you must use multiple tips. Roll one of your choice, but don't roll the paper all the way to the end. Leave an inch and put the beginning of your other tip in between. Gas chambers or spirals work best for this type of tip. You can create many tips together in this way.

grote tip draaien

Another option is to roll all kinds of individual tips and wrap one tip around them. The problem with this is that the tip will not stay in place. To do this, tear off a few strips of rolling paper and use them as tape. Roll the tip as tight as possible around all the others to make sure they stay in place.

grote tipjes

Now that you can roll different types tips you might want to improve your jonko rolling skills. We have a handy blog with pictures to help you. Want to make it really fun? Then roll big special joints such as the tulip, twister or cross joint. You can do that with the instructions from this blog.