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In our Vaporizer Top 10 you will find all kinds of vaporizers. From the best vaporizer for weed to a top quality vape pen for concentrates. These are the favourites of the Dutch-Headshop team, who have vaped multiple sessions with each vaporizer. 

Putting together the Vaporizer Top 10

How did we put together our Vaporizer Top 10? Well, by vaping! Every vaporizer in our range has been tested by our own team. We test for example the quality of the vapour on smell and taste, the ease of use, the size and portability, the control, the speed, the included accessories and of course the price-quality ratio. This is how we determine whether a vaporizer may be added to our collection. The best vaporizers end up in our top 10.

Best Vaporizer for Weed

If you are looking for a good weed vaporizer, you can try the models below. In our opinion, these are the best vaporizers for weed. They excel when it comes to taste and ease of use. The dry herb vaporizers that bring a smile to everyone's face:

Best Portable Vaporizer

With a portable vaporizer you can enjoy your favourite weed or concentrates anywhere. It is important that the device is not too big, you can use handy accessories on the go and the vaporizer heats up quickly. The best portable vaporizers according to our team:

Best Desktop Vaporizer

No need to leave the house with your vaporizer? Do you just want the most powerful vaporizer with endless possibilities and the best vapour? These are the best desktop vaporizers from our selection:

Best Vape Pen

Concentrates are vaporized with a compact vape pen. The power of the vaporizer pen, the size, the control, the taste and smell of the vapour and the accessories are important. These are the best vape pens for dabs and concentrates:

Best Vaporizer Price-Quality Ratio

Whether you want the best portable vaporizer or the best weed vaporizer, they are all in our top 10. We have explained what we look for during testing. From all our findings we finally determine what the best vaporizer is in terms of price-quality. Because that's what it's all about! For whatever purpose you want to use a vaporizer. The models on this page all score well when it comes to price-quality ratio.


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