Pots, Potting Soil & Substrate for Growing Cannabis

Discover the perfect foundation for your cannabis plants with our pots, potting soil, and substrates, specially selected for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Cannabis Pot | RootMaxx Supreme

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Bat Guano Soil Improver Organic (Plagron) 1 liter
Flower pot

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Supermix Soil Improver Organic (Plagron) 1 liter Best Buy
Easy2Grow expansion set (Autopot)
Perlite (Plagron) 10 liters
Vermiculite (Pokon) 6 liters
Europebbles LECA Expanded Clay Balls (Plagron) 10 liters
Bio Tablets Soil Improver (BAC) 12 pieces Organic
Germination plugs (Jiffy) 10 pieces
Pocket CO2, Temperature, and Humidity Meter (CIS)
Mini Propagator (Jiffy) | Incl. 12 germination plugs
pH plus (Plagron) 1 liter
Funky Fungi Soil Improver Organic (BAC) 50 grams Organic
pH min | Lower Soil pH (Plagron) 1 liter
Wilma Large 4 Hydroponic System 11L (Atami) New!

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1 Pot Starterset (Autopot)

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Easy2Grow Starterset (Autopot)

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Cocos Brix (Plagron) 6 pieces

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Biotabs Cannabis Nutrient Tablets 10 Pieces

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Looking for the perfect foundation for your cannabis plants? Then quality potting soil or substrate is crucial. In our collection, you'll find various types of potting soil and substrates, specially selected for cultivating cannabis, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you prefer garden soil, fertilized garden soil, or a specific substrate for other cultivation techniques like soilless, hydro, or coco, we offer you the right soil for the healthy growth of your cannabis plants.

Pot for Cannabis Plants

For cannabis cultivation, it's not just the quality of the potting soil that matters; the choice of the right pot is also important. We have a wide range of pots and plant containers, from small to large flower pots, suitable for all your cannabis plant needs.

For a mature cannabis plant in potting soil, you'll need approximately 12 liters to give the roots ample space. Smaller pots are intended for raising or nurturing young plants and seedlings.

Potting Soil for Cannabis Cultivation

At Dutch-Headshop, we understand that each cannabis plant is unique and has specific requirements for its growth environment. That's why you'll find not only standard potting soil in our inventory but also specialized mixes and soil enhancers tailored to the specific needs of cannabis plants. From potting soil with optimized pH levels to substrate with additional nutrients, we have the best potting soil for successful cannabis cultivation.

With our products in this category, you provide the best start for your cannabis plants. Easily and quickly order the right potting soil, substrate, and pots for your cannabis plants from our online grow shop. Discover the ideal growth environment for your cannabis and enjoy a successful cultivation!

Frequently Asked Questions about Pots, Potting Soil, and Substrate

  • What potting soil is best for cannabis cultivation? Use well-aerated and well-draining potting soil with sufficient organic matter. Specific potting soil for cannabis or universal potting soil with added perlite works excellently.
  • What soil is best for autoflowers? For autoflowers, lightly fertilized, well-draining soil is ideal to prevent overfeeding and optimize their fast growth cycle.
  • How much soil does a cannabis plant need? For an average cannabis plant, it's recommended to have 10 to 20 liters of soil. Larger plants may require more soil.
  • How many cannabis plants can you have in your garden? According to Dutch tolerance policy, you can have a maximum of 5 cannabis plants in your garden, provided they are not professionally cultivated.
  • What's the difference between soil and ground? 'Soil' often refers to the top layer of the Earth's crust in which plants grow. 'Ground' is a broader term and can refer to various types of surface material, including soil.
  • What pots are suitable for cannabis? Choose pots with good drainage and air permeability. Fabric pots, air pots, or standard plastic pots with sufficient holes at the bottom are suitable.
  • Where do you place cannabis plants? Place cannabis plants in pots with suitable potting soil or substrate. Ensure the substrate is suitable for cannabis and provides good drainage and air circulation.
  • Do I need nutrients if I use fertilized garden soil? Yes. As a general guideline, fertilized garden soil contains nutrients for 2 to 3 months. Always purchase growth and bloom nutrients for cannabis plants.

Do you have more questions about cannabis cultivation? Check out the top 50 frequently asked questions about growing cannabis at home!