CBD Sweets & Chewing Gum

CBD candy and CBD chewing gum: The latest trend among the CBD products. What makes it in particular special, is the tasty flavor. You will get a fresh breath from CBD chewing gum or CBD mouth spray. With CBD chewing gum and candy, you will reap benefits from CBD optimally. Something completely different than the CBD oil's taste. Our CBD candy and CBD chewing gum are available in different flavors.

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CBD Energy Gummies (Dr. Candy) 30 grams
CBD Night Gummies (Hemplife) 60 pieces
Vegan CBD Candy Pillows (Dr. Candy) 6 mg

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CBD Love Gummies (Dr. Candy)
CBD Sleep Well Gummies (Dr. Candy) 10 mg

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CBD Cannabis Cookies (Cannabis Bakehouse) 15 mg
CBD Gummies Cannabis (Dr. Candy) 10 mg

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CBD Candy and CBD Chewing gum

CBD chewing gum and CBD candy: there are products that one cannot buy on every street corner. CBD, but then slightly different. CBD chewing gum speaks for itself, of course, but what about CBD candy? CBD candy are the lollipops and mouth spray with CBD. A tasty snack, and healthy. Unique products.

4 Reasons Why CBD Chewing Gum or Candy is a Good Idea

You may wonder why we offer CBD chewing gum or candy? What is the difference compared to, for example, CBD oil? We will list the advantages for you!

1. Easy to dose

There is a fixed amount of CBD in each chewing gum, candy, snack or spray. Depending on your desires, you can easily dose the amount of CBD. Always pay attention to the maximum amount of CBD, as stated on the package.

2. A Fresh Breath or Sweet Taste

This is what we call ‘two birds with one stone’. With CBD chewing gum or CBD mouth spray, you directly consume the preferred amount of CBD while you also get a fresh breath. With these products, extra ingredients are added for the necessary freshness. Think of peppermint, orange, coconut or chocolate. Something completely different than the CBD oil's bitter taste.

3. A Quick uptake of CBD

This advantage applies in particular to CBD chewing gum and CBD mouth spray. With these products CBD does not end up in the stomach, but the CBD is absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth. The advantage here is you will benefit from the CBD quicker.

4. Easy to Use everywhere

Candy and chewing gum are accepted everywhere. Therefore, these CBD products are perfect to take with you on holiday or on the go. The packaging is small and neutral. This makes it perfectly fits in a pocket or handbag.

Pure nature

Just like all our CBD products, our CBD chewing gum and CBD candy is pure nature. It means no preservatives or chemicals are being added during the production process. Furthermore, (added) sugar is avoided in the CBD chewing gum.

Labels CBD Chewing gum and CBD Candy

At the moment we have the following CBD chewing gum and CBD candy suppliers in our product assortment:

  • Endoca
  • Medi-Candy
  • Hemptouch

Want to buy CBD Chewing Gum or CBD Candy? Check out our product range!

Benefiting from CBD in an entirely novice way? Try out CBD chewing gum or CBD candy. Wonderfully refreshing, or simply a responsible snack. You got any questions or comments? Just let us know. Our customer service is pleased to help you further. You can send a simple WhatsApp message or give us a call. You will have an answer within two hours in any case (within working hours)!