Microdosing means taking a small dose of a psychedelic drug like Magic Mushrooms or Truffles. The effects of such an otherwise imperceptible dose can increase creativity and improve your mood, without actually tripping. Check the products in this category and read underneath exactly what you may and may not expect from microdosing.

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Precision Scale SH-100 rainbow (On Balance) 0.01
Professional digital scale (BLscale) 0.001g
Digital scale model U (BLscale) 0.1g
Precision Scale MAR-100 Washdown (On Balance) 0.01
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose [Argyreia Nervosa] (Indian Spirit) 10 seeds
Happy Tea Truffle (Microdose Together)

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Magic Truffles Microdosing Pack (McMicrodose)

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Magic Truffles Pink Paradise 15 grams
Precision Scale 200 Las Vegas (USA Weigh) 0,01 Best Buy
Lion’s Mane [Hericium erinaceus] Organic (Pure Mushrooms)

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San Pedro Mescaline Cactus [Echinopsis pachanoi] Best Buy

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Capsule Machine (size 0: ~500 mg)
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Magic Truffles Grinder 2 parts (Dutch-Headshop) 82 mm
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Magic Truffles Mexicana (Private Label) 15 gram
Lion’s Mane [Hericium erinaceus] Organic (Mushrooms4Life) 60 capsules Organic
Morning Glory [Ipomoea Violacea] (Mystic Seeds) 300 seeds
Precision Scale Audio CD (BLscale) 0,01
Ololiuqui [Rivea corymbosa] (Mystic Seeds) 40 seeds
Morning Glory seeds [Ipomoea violacea] (Indian Spirit) 10 grams New!

With microdosing truffles, you are holding gold in your hands. Do you need more creativity or additional focus for complex projects? Then in addition to magic truffles, we have plenty of mind-expanding microdosing products for you in our range. Below you can find all the products you can use to give your brain that little bit extra without getting completely off your head. We call this microdosing. You take an extremely small dose of a psychedelic substance like shrooms, LSD or magic truffles, not to journey to other dimensions but to perform better in this dimension!

Microdosing Truffles

By far the safest and easiest way in which to set about microdosing is to take a gramme of magic truffles. That’s exactly why we have a microdosing truffles pack in our range for you. It means you won’t have to mess around with weighing out, drying and encapsulating truffles. These Mexican magic truffles are similar to Atlantis magic truffles but they have the big advantage of being less visual. And that’s a must for microdosing with truffles. After all, you want all the gain without any pain.

What are Magic Truffles?

Magic Truffles give you a psychedelic trip that is usually experienced as euphoric. A low dosage may change your thinking in a subtle way while a higher dosage may lead to life-changing insights. In many respects, truffles are similar to the well-known but prohibited shrooms. The effect is pretty much the same because they contain the same active substances. Psilocybin is the best known of these. The big difference between shrooms and magic truffles is that truffles grow underground and shrooms above ground.

Effects of Microdosing

Whereas a normal dose of psychedelics will take you nicely out of reality, you won’t be bothered like this by microdosing. During microdosing with classic psychedelics like magic truffles, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, or cacti like peyote and san pedro you may experience the following effects:

  • You become a bit more relaxed.
  • You become more broad-minded to an extent and are less inclined to classify everything into boxes.
  • You may feel more connected to your thoughts and less easily distracted.
  • Your senses work slightly differently, making you more sensitive to colour and music.
  • You may become more creative or stronger in terms of analytical ability.
  • During microdosing, nohallucinations will occur.

The Strongest Magic Truffles

We have both strong and less strong varieties of truffles in our range. Please don’t think about using the strongest varieties like Hollandia, Odin’s Jewels (Valhalla) or Double Vision for microdosing. These magic truffles are cultivated with the idea of experiencing the effects of a shroom trip. For microdosing, it’s best to opt for our Mexican Magic Truffles, Atlantis Truffles or the so-called Philosopher’s Stones (Tampanensis). Although the effects differ slightly and, depending on your goal, you may have a slightly different experience with these truffles, they are not as strong as our powerful tripping truffles. And that’s important because once again: there is no intention to trip during microdosing.

Microdosing LSD

LSD is a chemically prepared psychedelic blockbuster that is totally illegal. 1 droplet of this liquid may be enough to show you the other side of the universe. As you can probably imagine that makes microdosing with LSD particularly difficult. How do you divide one droplet by a factor of 10?

Psilocybin, the substance which occurs naturally in shrooms and magic truffles, is very similar to the famous LSD. But magic truffles and shrooms are both much less concentrated than LSD. And that’s exactly why magic truffles make a really good and fully legal alternative. Per truffle, they contain less active substance and this makes dosing much easier. 1 gramme of fresh magic truffles is the guideline for microdosing.


Whatever you are microdosing; it helps enormously to weigh your dosage and put it in a capsule. That is why you also see precision scales, encapsulation machines and the associated capsules in this category. Capsule size 0 has a volume of 0.68 ml and size 1 has a volume of half a milliliter. For fresh magic truffles, in capsule size 0 you get about one gram and in size 1 you can put about 0.7 gram. The goal of microdosing is that you do not experience the burdens associated with psychedelics. So if you get a bit tired, start to perceive everything more colorfully or when your thoughts distract you from daily practice, you're getting too much of the good stuff. The limit to microdosing is different for everyone. Start low and slowly increae the dose until you reach that limit. Then lower the dose just a hair to get the edge off. The same is true for mescaline cacti, magic mushrooms, LSD... you name it.

Oh, and these capsules are all made from vegetable cellulose, including the lion's mane ones in this category. That means they're suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Cultivating Your Own Shrooms

It’s also possible (and usually legal in many countries) to cultivate your own shrooms. The mushrooms that belong to the same species as the magic truffles of the same name are particularly suitable. The Mexicana grow kit. Fresh shrooms contain a lot of moisture which makes it yet easier for microdosing. However, if you take dried shrooms for microdosing, you need to be very careful. Dried shrooms are much stronger than fresh magic truffles. But growing your own shrooms can be a lot of fun. :)

Microdosing Tools

  • You can finely grind any truffle with our special magic truffle grinder;
  • You can weigh out your microdosing drugs very accurately with the scales in this category;
  • And with the capsule machines you can easily put your finely ground and weighed drugs into a matching capsule that gives you the right microdosage each time.

Microdosing Schedule

You can use the following microdosing schedules that are circulating on the internet. These schedules aren’t ones randomly produced by internet junkies, but have been carefully compiled by experts in the field of psychedelics.

James Fadiman Microdosing Schedule

The schedule of Dr. James Fadiman is the most commonly used microdosing protocol:

  1. Day one: dosage
  2. Day two: no dosage / transition day
  3. Day three: no dosage / rest day or normal day
  4. Day four: dosage (repeat steps 1-3 as required).

Repeat for a maximum of 1 to 2 months. After each cycle, take 2 to 4 weeks rest (no microdosing, not even with other substances).

Paul Stamets Microdosing Schedule

Mycologist Paul Stamets recommends also taking 50-200 mg Lion’s Mane and 100-200 mg Vitamin B3 (niacine) as well as shrooms or magic truffles during the dosage days for long-term positive effects. Stamets calls this method Stacking:

  1. Day one: dosage
  2. Day two: dosage
  3. Day three: dosage
  4. Day four: dosage
  5. Day five: no dosage / transition day
  6. Day six: no dosage / rest day or normal day
  7. Day seven: no dosage / rest day or normal day

Repeat for a maximum of 1 month. After each cycle, take 2 to 4 weeks rest (no microdosing, not even with other substances).

All about Microdosing

Want to know more about microdosing or the products that are suitable for it? Read the articles below and become an expert in the field of microdosing!