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You can buy smart drugs with a certain psychoactive effect in the online smartshop. Smart drugs are often made from special herbs. The effect of such smart herbs are often known around the globe. Think about Happy Caps, Magic Truffles, Psychedelic mushrooms, Kanna, Kratom and Salvia.

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Steaming nights, under the influence of aphrodisiacs, counting dimensions with Lady Salvia or partying all night long at the dance floor with Kryptonite. The unimaginable worlds of the Smart shop right at your doorstep.

  • Smart drugs: Smart, often world-famous herbs
  • Heavy tripping, intense highs, relaxing or smiling from ear to ear
  • From ancient knowledge to high-tech substances
  • A wide product range and only premium quality

Top quality Smart drugs

Dutch-Headshop's Smart shop only offers tested smart drugs. This ensures you count with the very best quality. What follows are examples of smart drugs you can buy in our online smart shop: Energy Pills, Salvia Divinorum, Magic Mushrooms, but also herbs and herb extracts such as Kanna, Kratom, Cacti, Seeds, Aphrodisiacs (libido-increasing pills) and Psychedelics.

The effect of Smart drugs

The effect of a smart drug is generated by influencing the hormone balance of the body or neurotransmitters. This way, body and mind are stimulated and some areas will get more sensitive to impulses for a certain period of time. Smart drugs come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own particular effect. Here you can purchase smart drugs with the following effects: Energetic, Sexual, Psychedelic, Tripping and Relaxing. Always make sure you read the instructions on the package and on our website. All available smart drugs are legal, at least in the Netherlands.

Change your consciousness

Enter different states of consciousness with our amazing psychoactive stimulants. The mescaline-rich Peyote and San Pedro cactus will let you float and the psilocybin-containing Magic Truffles will let you experience the interconnectedness of the Universe. You think magic mushrooms are strong? Salvia Divinorum (Diviner's Sage) contains the most powerful natural hallucinogen known: Salvinorin A. One should never underestimate Salvia's effects.

The best labels in the Smart shop

Herbs of the Gods and Indian Elements offer a wide range of experiences with herbal extracts and herbal mixtures, from all over the world. Steep tea from it, smoke the herbs or vape it in a vaporizer; or simply take them in capsule form. Rediscover nature with one of our natural psychedelics, from Magic Mushrooms to Kanna and from Salvia to Kratom. Use depends on product:

  • Smoking or vaping: For an almost immediate effect
  • Steeping tea: Dissolve in a herbal tea to improve the taste
  • Eating: Effects usually occur later, but last longer
  • Or take a capsule for a fixed amount