Cannabis Cup Winners

The list of cannabis seeds that have rightfully won a major Cannabis Cup, for instance at High Times, Highlife, or Spannabis.
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Worldwide there are so many Cannabis Cups that almost every seed has won a prize. Also, the name of a strain is often named as a prizewinner while the developer’s actual seeds do not match it. Many seeds are then branded as cup winners when they don’t actually merit this label at all. If the world-famous White Widow strain once won a cup somewhere, that doesn’t mean that the White Widow provided by any old seeds developer or coffee shop is a cup winner. We check first that the combination goes together and if that is the case then we call the seed a Cup winner. As you know, Dutch Headshop stands for real quality.

Lots of Cannabis Cup Winners

There are an awful lot of cannabis cup winners. That's because there are also an awful lot of cannabis cups. With us you will only find the real winners. That means that the strain and the seed developer has been awarded with one of the big cups. There are a lot of them, so be sure to check out the other specifications of the strain. Not all cannabis cup winners are the same.

Big Cannabis Cups

You will find only the best of the best as regards weed seeds in this category. All these seeds have won prizes for cups that really count. These are the real cannabis cup winners. We look at: 

  • HighLife Cannabis Cup - This Cannabis Cup has been held since 2002 and is one of the founding cannabis competitions. HighLife is a cannabis information and news platform with a worldwide audience and even has its own magazine.
  • Spannabis Cup - Spannabis is the largest cannabis trade fair in Europe. All the big brands on the European weed market come to this show or monitor what happens here. The Spannabis Champions Cup or Spannabis Cup has been held since 2006.
  • High Times Cannabis Cup - The oldest and most important cup in the world. Ever since 1988, prizes have been awarded annually in the Netherlands to strains and developers. Since 2010 the High Times Cup has also been organised in the USA. There is also a High Times Medical Cup which has mainly emerged in America in recent years.
  • Sask Prairie Cup - This Canadian Cannabis Cup is one of the biggest in North America and has been held since 2010. A special feature of this cup is that a great deal of attention is paid to medicinal weed types. An emerging cup.
  • Lift Expo Canada - This Cannabis Cup originates in Canada and has only been in existence for a few years. Since 2016, prizes have been awarded to true cannabis pioneers during exhibitions throughout Canada. We expect this cup to increase in importance during the coming years.
  • Karma Cup - The Karma Cup was established in 2013 by Sarah Sunday to create a cannabis-positive ‘Karma’ vibe for growers, producers, business owners and experts from the industry. They want to bring together and judge the country’s best cannabis products in conjunction with their fans. The gatherings are attended by thousands of true cannabis lovers.

Different categories

Prizes can be won in different categories per Cannabis Cup. Thus, each seed from this list can have won a prize in any of the categories Indica, Sativa, Bio, Hydro, Autoflower or Haze. As well as these specific prizes, there are also general prizes for best weed or best developer, for example. 

The big cups like Spannabis, HighLife, High Times, etc. work with a professional expert panel. All cannabis lovers and businesses in the weed market keep a close watch on the big cups. If you want to stay informed about the latest trends and best strains on the market then keep an eye on the websites for these cups.

Best of the Best Cup Winners

There are of course always some weed seeds which stand head and shoulders above the rest. Let’s call them best of the best. These are the weed seeds which have won the most awards:

  • Hawaiian Snow from Greenhouse Seeds: This weed has won numerous prizes. If you count in all the small cups, it’s a veritable catalogue. Hawaiian Snow from one of the Netherlands’ biggest developers, Greenhouse Seeds, has many big Cannabis Cups in its trophy cabinet: 1st prize High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003, 2nd prize High Times Cannabis Cup 2011, 3rd in the HighLife Cannabis Cup 2006, 2nd in the Spannabis Champions Cup 2007.
  • Liberty Haze from Barney’s Farm: This magnificent weed is a cross between G13 and Chem Dawg. Liberty Haze from Barney’s Farm has both Indica and Sativa properties. Moreover, this prize winner has a short flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks.The seed won a really big prize. It was namely the overall winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2011. 
  • Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse Seeds: Yet another seed from Greenhouse Seeds which has won a huge number of awards. This magnificent sweet haze won 1st prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008 and 2009. The seed was also placed second in the High Times Cup of 2010 and won many small cups such as the IC420 Growers Cup, the Seattle Medical Cup and ExpoGrow-Irún cups.

Small Cannabis Cups

Around the world there are countless Cannabis Cups. It’s not just about High Times, Spannabis, HighLife or the other big competitions. It’s difficult to make an assessment but we have chosen to count only the very biggest cups. Only the real cannabis cup winners can be found on this page. Yet there are also lesser cases which we wouldn’t want to deny: 

As well as the Spannabis Cup there are many more Spanish competitions. Take La Bella Flor, for example, a festival which organised an annual competition from 1998 to 2009, or the Canarian Cannabis Cup which was also active in the same years. Then there are numerous North American cups coming along and lots of small Dutch cups such as the Amsterdam Elite Cup or Koos Zwart Award. For all of us (still) not important enough to call a Cannabis Cup Winner. 

There are still other cups which we haven’t mentioned here. However, we want to give you as much information as possible and so these small cups are given for the corresponding seeds in our shop.