Leave your cigarette or joint and order our favorite vaporizer at Dutch-Headshop. The vaporizer is a healthy replacement for smoking. The evaporating of cannabis, tobacco or other dry herbs is less harmful then the burning of it. Dutch-Headshop offers a wide range of desktop vaporizers for at home and portable vaporizers for on the road. Discover the qualities of a vaporizer and you will never want something else!

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What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a luxury device that is suitable for evaporating dry herbs. The vaporizer is usually used for the evaporating of cannabis or tobacco. It is a perfect alternative for the smoking of a joint or cigarette. Evaporating is of course healthier then burning. The herbs in a vaporizer are usually heated to a temperature of 100°C - 240°C. The temperature you can always set to your own needs. Do you want to buy a vaporizer? Then read the information below first.

Vaporizer Types

There are two different types of vaporizer distinguished: desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers. Dutch-Headshop has an extensive range of both types of vaporizers. Both types have the same function, but of course, have their own qualities and advantages. Read more about the desktop vaporizer and the portable vaporizer below.

Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers are particularly suitable for use at home. They usually are large and heavy devices that are not handy to take along with you. They need to be connected to electricity so that they have a stable and strong current. This greatly benefits the quality of the vapor.

The strong and tasteful vapor is however not the only good property. Desktop vaporizers come with a digital display, with which you can, for instance, set the temperature settings. In addition, desktop vaporizers are particularly suitable for long evaporating sessions. Ideal for a sociable evening with friends. The material of desktop vaporizers is of high quality, which also ensures a high-quality vapor and safe usage.

Portable Vaporizer

The most common type of vaporizer in the assortment of Dutch-Headshop is the portable vaporizer. Portable vaporizers are specially designed to take with you. They are small, compact and very user friendly. Such a vaporizer comes with a battery or batteries, so you can enjoy a tasteful vapor of your favorite cannabis or herbs anywhere.

Even portable vaporizers usually have a digital display, with which you can set your temperature. It will not take long for a portable vaporizer to reach the right temperature. After turning on the vaporizer, it usually reaches the right temperature within (half) a minute. The portable vaporizers have a beautiful design and are safe to use.

Weed Vaporizer

Although the electric vaporizer was originally designed to vaporize all kinds of herbs, we see that the weed vaporizer is very much in demand. More and more people are looking for a model that is purely and simply suitable as a weed vaporizer. These models have no separate inserts for hash, concentrates or oil. That's easy if you don't want to vaporize anything other than weed in your vaporizer.

A popular weed vaporizer within our assortment? The LITL 1 is for the novice user who wants to get acquainted with vaporizing. The FocusVape Pro S is a nice model for the price-conscious vaper. The Zeus Arc GT is for the person who wants a top quality weed vaporizer and is willing to pay for it. The Zeus Arc GT is considered by many to be the best weed vaporizer on the market. By the way, there is no such thing as vaporizer weed. You can vaporize any weed in a portable or desktop unit. As long as it is well-dried, ground into small pieces and tastes great!

Conduction or Convection Vaporizer?

When buying a suitable vaporizer you have to make a choice. Are you going for a conduction or convection vaporizer? The difference lies in the way in which the devices heat the products. With a conduction vaporizer, the heating source is in direct contact with the herb chamber (the part where you put the weed, herbs or concentrates). In this way the substances evaporate by means of conductance and that is exactly what a conduction vaporizer does. A convection vaporizer works differently. The device allows hot air to flow past the contents of the herb chamber when you take a hit. Evaporation then takes place by means of heat flow.

Which type of vaporizer is better? That's different for everyone. Experts and vape connoisseurs praise the convection vaporizer for its pure taste. The smoking products are heated more evenly. Also, this type would be better for medicinal use. Conduction vaporizers often use less energy and take less time to heat up. That makes this type more user-friendly. In addition, conduction vaporizers would produce larger and denser clouds of vapor. Important for the experience.

Vape Temperature Control

A big advantage of vaping is that you can play with the vaporizer temperature. The vape temperature control is more important than you think! Most evaporators can be set to different temperatures. Some work with presets. Then the vape temperature is gradually increased. With other models you can accurately set the vaporizer temperature to the degree.

By setting the vape temperature you can determine the effect of the smoking materials. For example, cannabis contains thousands of substances. These include cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. For example, mention THC, CBD and Myrcene. Each substance has a different effect on your body. The nice thing is that every substance evaporates at a different temperature. Therefore vape temperature control is crucial for the experience. You can decide which substances you let evaporate and which you don't. This allows you to determine the effect of the vapor from your vaporizer.

The beste temperature to vape weed is different for everyone. It depends on the effect that you want. In order not to make it more difficult, we already give 3 weed vaporizer temperatures that you can experiment with. For a mild high, set the vape temperature to 160°C. For a powerful high at 175°C and for a powerful stoned effect, increase to 205°C. The ideal temperature for vaporizer herbs can be found on this page.

The Best Vaporizers of 2023

In today's world of 2021 vaporizers, there are some very clear trends. For example, we see that the shift from desktop vaporizers to portable vaporizers is continuing tremendously. In addition, the weed vaporizer is becoming more powerful. The battery is getting better (more capacity), the big brands are coming up with more advanced technologies and more and more models are able to vape hash. In other words: in 2023 you will be able to enjoy your weed vaporizer for longer and longer, the vapor will taste better and you will be able to choose from more and more smokables. Hash vaping is on the rise. We are waiting for the first real hash vaporizer. The best vaporizers of 2023 are:

Healthy Evaporating

Research in the past has shown that evaporating is healthier then smoking. When this became widely known, the popularity of the vaporizer increased a lot. A vaporizer might be a big investment, but you also invest in your lungs. When evaporating herbs, less harmful substances are released than when they are burned. Buying a vaporizer is a healthier alternative.

The Best Vaporizer Brands

In our vape-shop we have many appealing vaporizers. Of course, there are vaporizers that stand out. Some brands are known for their high-quality vaporizers.

Which vaporizer peaks your interest? Experience the advantages of evaporating by the ordering of a luxury vaporizer!

Buy Vaporizer

Would you like to buy a weed vaporizer? Then you're at the right place at Dutch-Headshop. We have the largest selection of portable, desktop and dry herb vaporizers for the best price. We also have many vape pens that you can use for your favorite hash, dabs or concentrates. With the help of the filters and information on this page, our blogs and our customer service we are going to help you buy a vaporizer. You are assured of expert advice from us. Buying a vaporizer has never been easier. Look no further and choose from our huge assortment.

Vaporizer Vapor & Returns

If you're used to smoking joints and you're switching to a vaporizer, congratulations! That is a very wise choice. But watch out! The effect of the weed is certainly no less, but there is definitely a difference with smoking a joint. For starters, vapor is different from smoke. Vapor clouds are a lot more transparent than you are used to. When vaping with a vaporizer, little vapor is released compared to the amount of smoke that is created when smoking a joint. That's why it may seem like your vaporizer is not working properly, but that's the point. Since the temperature is lower, there is no combustion. As a result, the vapor feels less sharp and heavy on the throat. Despite that, you still get all the active substances from cannabis and the weed works just as well as when smoking a joint.

Because vaping gives different results than smoking, you can't return a vaporizer because "too little vapor comes out of the device". You can only return vaporizers if the device doesn't work properly. Set the vaporizer to the desired temperature, breathe slowly, deep and calm (over your lungs) and make sure you don't squeeze the weed when you put it in your vaporizer. Success guaranteed!