Joint Tube

Are you looking to buy joint tubes? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We have them in all kinds of colours: from opaque black to transparent pink. In addition, you have a choice between plastic or metal. Either way, you can safely take your pre-rolled joint anywhere without damaging it!

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Jaysafe Joint Tube Aluminum (Fire-Flow)

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Joint Tube Metal (CheekyOne Smokers Club)

Starting at 7,95

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Joint Tube Futurola

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Joint Tube

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Joint Tube | Saverette
Joint Tube Bioplastic

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Partypac Storage Container (Tightpac) 0.06 Liters

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Joint tubes or joint sleeves were developed to allow you to store your pre-rolled joint. They are made of plastic, metal or even glass. Over the years the joint sleeve has been given some nice new functions. That makes a joint sleeve an indispensable accessory for any smoker. Are you looking to buy joint tubes? There are plenty of reasons to do so!

The uses for a Joint Tube:

  • Always be able to take your joint with you safely, or to store or stash it.
  • No more crumpled or split joints
  • Use a joint tube for learning how to roll: fold the rolling paper round it and you have a cone
  • Airtight: extinguishes your joint in a couple of seconds
  • Odour-free: no more weed smell hanging around you
  • Neat accessory: joint tubes are available in various colours
  • Transparent or completely opaque: conceal your joint
  • Lid can be used as a resting place for your joint during smoking
  • Have you smoked enough? Then rest your joint in a tube

Futurola Joint Sleeves

By far the most popular joint tubes are from the Futurola brand. The brand has been making them for years and has a wide range when it comes to joint tubes. Do you want a standard plastic joint tube? In your favorite color? Transparent or just as black and discreet as it gets? With the Futurola Joint Tubes you can find it all.

Metal Joint Tube

Bad experiences with plastic joint tubes? Try out a Cheekyone Metal Joint Tube. These won’t break if you accidentally sit on one that’s in your back pocket. You can clean them by putting them in the dishwasher and they are completely airtight so you can extinguish a lit joint properly by putting it in the tube. Really handy for daily smokers, or makes a great gift!