Weed Ashtray

When you smoke you need an ashtray. In this category you will find various handy, funny and cheap ashtrays. Ashtrays with cannabis leaf? Want to buy a glass weed ashtray from RAW? Handy spinning ashtray? Order discreetly from us and get it delivered quickly.

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Metal Ashtray (Fire-Flow) 13,5 cm
Glass Ashtray - Classic Pack (RAW)
Glass Ashtray - Rainbow (RAW)
Spinning Ashtray - Champagne

Starting at 8,95

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Metal Weed Ashtray (Best Buds) 140 mm

Starting at 2,50

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Glass Weed Ashtray (Best Buds) 100 mm

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Glass Ashtray - Dark Side (RAW)
Metal Ashtray Small (RAW) 140 mm
Car Ashtray
Metal Ashtray Weed Leaf 130 mm
Round Spinner Ashtray - Black (90 mm)
Portable Pocket Ashtray (RAW)
Metal Ashtray - Cannabis Leaves (130 mm)
Round Spinner Ashtray - Black (140 mm)
Joint Holder Ashtray | Catcher (RAW)

A weed ashtray can't be absent when smoking a joint or cigarette. Dutch-Headshop has an extensive offer of beautiful and functional ashtrays.

Weed Ashtray

In our webshop you can order a fun weed ashtray. For example, with a weed leaf, your favorite strain, with handy cutouts for your joints or from a cannabis-related brand. Weed ashtrays are great in a student dorm, at a party or just in your own garden. Choose one that is made of metal for extra sturdiness or a weed ashtray with a lid to reduce the smell. A handy spinning ashtray or in rasta colours? We have it all.

Different types of Ashtrays

Dutch-Headshop offers various ashtrays, each with its own capabilities and advantages. For example, you can opt for a functional ashtray that is closed and limits odor nuisance. If you value the appearance of an ashtray more, it is more fun to order a RAW ashtray. Furthermore, we have a number of varieties that we would like to point out.

Spinning Ashtray

Everybody knows them. The round ashtray with lid and push button. An ashtray is very multifunctional. You automatically hide cigarette butts and joints, so your children can't get to them. You mask the smell a bit and the good thing about this ashtray? You can also just leave them outside.

Metal or Glass Ashtray

Most products are made of glass or metal. You can find a glass ashtray in many different designs. A small one with fun weed leaves or a large glass RAW ashtray for frequent use. Then there are two metal ashtrays: the extremely hard ashtrays that you can drop from the table as often as you like and the inexpensive aluminum ashtrays that can be used for parties.

Portable Ashtray Asbak

Are you an environmentally conscious smoker? Then go for a portable ashtray from RAW. This pocket ashtray has room for the number of butts or joints an average person smokes during a night out. Don't throw your butts or joints on the ground. That's really bad for the environment. Buy a portable ashtray.

RAW Ashtray

The go-to brand for weed ashtrays is RAW. As we mentioned, you can buy beautiful glass ashtrays in different colours or aluminum ashtrays with the distinctive print. There are also special holders for gamers or pocket ashtrays for environmentally conscious smokers. The collection is even larger. Discover it on this page.

Best Buds

Best Buds makes funny weed ashtrays with a variety of prints. Your favorite strain depicted on an ashtray? Then you need to be at Best Buds. We have metal and glass versions.

Quality for Less

Dutch-Headshop ashtrays are relatively cheap and of excellent quality. You can get a beautiful and functional ashtray for 2 to 10 euros. However, the luxury ashtrays do have a number of advantages compared to the cheap ashtrays. Easily tap off your ashes with one of our beautiful ashtrays. Choose your favorite and order it easily and discreetly online at the Dutch-Headshop.