High THC Cannabis Seeds

In this category, you'll find all cannabis seeds with a THC percentage of 20% or higher. In short: the powerhouses in one place.
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For cannabis seeds with the highest THC percentage, you are at the right address. Stoned as a goat, or a tingling high: with these THC cannabis seeds effects are assured. Think of a beautiful Amnesia Haze or a nicely fast Jack Diesel Express. These ladies produce powerful THC weed and will get you onto cloud 9.

The difference between stoned and high? Read it in this article!

THC Weed

On this page you will find weed seeds which you can use to grow your own THC weed. This means that you will find weed varieties with a high THC content. How high? In this category you will find seeds with which you can grow plants with a THC percentage of 20% or higher. The strongest weed, in other words. Not all weed is rich in THC. Several strains have a mild amount and there are also strains without THC. But do you want to get really stoned from your home-made green gold? Then go for the weed seeds in this category and grow your own iron strong THC weed.

Tip: would you like to make weed oil or THC oil? Then it's best to use one of the weed seeds on this page. Weed varieties with a high THC content provide the strongest THC oil. More on making THC oil later.

What is THC?

THC is one of the active substances in weed. It's the abbreviation of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol - the cannabinoid making you high or stoned. High is a more mental effect, while stoned is a physical feeling. Depending on the strain, you feel more high or stoned.

The effect of THC works because THC mimics a body's own substance. That substance fits like a key in a lock, called the cannabinoid receptor. We have receptors throughout our body able to receive THC and other cannabinoids. For this reason, we can feel it in our bodies and in our heads. A high THC percentage in marijuana creates a tingling sensation in your head. Sometimes it stimulates the imagination, creativity or sexual excitement. If you combine it with other substances like CBD and terpenes, THC can give a heavy feeling in your arms or legs. The effect can differ per type of marijuana. Generally, we distinguish three types of weed, in which each strain can be divided.

Making THC Oil

Not everyone smokes or vaporizes weed to get THC into the body. You can also make your own weed oil or THC oil. The advantage is that you don't have to smoke or vape THC. A few drops of THC oil will get you incredibly high or stoned. Many medical users benefit from THC oil. Moreover, with stronger weed you need to drip less. That can even halve the amount.

Do you want to make THC oil yourself? Then it is best to grow weed with these weed seeds. After harvesting, you can use the THC weed to make the oil. Want to know how? Check out the cannolator. A basic kit for making your own THC oil.

Haze, Kush & Skunk

In every coffee shop there are some haze, kush and skunk marijuana varieties for sale. What does that naming actually stand for? What are the differences in THC concentration? 

Back in the days, when different types of cannabis were crossed for the first time, the "grandmothers" of marijuana came into being. Haze, kush and skunk were basically types of marijuana that became the founders of the great diversity of marijuana strains we know today. Each line has its own characteristics.

For example, Skunk produces compact buds full of resin that will get you popping high. Skunk is fragrant, has little leaves and grows practically everywhere. That’s exactly the reason why skunk is so popular when it was used in the 1980s to develop new varieties of marijuana.

Kush is actually a collective name for certain Indica strains. Kush cannabis is cannabis with roots in the Hindu Kush region in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. OG Kush must be one of the best known strains. This strain is Kush taken to the west coast of the USA to grow into a very popular marijuana in the Californian sun.

Records for the highest THC percentages are often shattered by new Haze strains. These Sativa-dominant cannabis plants can contain THC percentages just shy of 30%!

High THC content of weed varieties

To give you a taste, we have already listed the THC content of various weed varieties. At least, the strongest weed we have. That will save you searching if growing weed is purely about the THC percentage. Or if you want to make very strong THC oil.

  • Fatkid’s Cake (Amsterdam Genetics) | 30% THC
  • Girl Scout Cookies (Dutch-Headshop House Brand) | 28% THC
  • Royal Gorilla & Hulkberry (Royal Queen Seeds) | 27% THC
  • Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream & Liberty Haze (Barney’s Farm) | 25% THC
  • Jack Herer (Dutch-Headshop House Brand) | 25% THC

Tip: don't just look at the THC percentage when growing weed. Other factors play a big role. Not every strain is the same. Check out the filters on this page to find the right weed seed for you.

The Strongest Weed in the World

With the strains listed above, you come pretty close to the strongest weed. Yet there are still much stronger strains on this globe. Theoretically there can be about 35% THC in a bud. Yet Mike Tyson, who started a cannabis company after his boxing career, has brought a strain on the market that is higher. It is called The Toad. It is measured at 37%. 

Want to know more about the strongest weed in the world? Check out our blog: "This is the Strongest Weed”.

What Qualifies as High THC?

Weed (dried flowers) with a THC percentage of 20% or more is considered high. Usually, the THC percentage is 10 to 15%. You can achieve stronger concentrations of THC by, for example, making hash or dabs.

The amount of THC in a cannabis plant varies because of the genetics of the plant, but also through the way the plant grows. When the environment of the plant is optimal, and you give just enough water and nutrition, the THC percentage is higher. Briefly: take good care of your plant and she will take good care of you. At least it starts with THC cannabis seeds.

Mild Weed

Don't you necessarily need the strongest strains? Prefer a weed with about 5 or 10 percent THC? Then we recommend two things. Check this category to see if there are any seeds in it for you. The seeds in this category have just as much THC as CBD and the total amount of the two substances often does not get much higher than 20%. CBD has the property of making your high more pleasant. In this large category you can also filter on a larger range of THC percentages.

Weed without THC

Not all weed contains THC. Weed without THC can also be found in our Seed Shop. Or rather: strains with a negligible amount of THC. So you don't get stoned or high. Want weed without THC? Check out CBDivine or CBDenergy from Paradise Seeds, CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel or CBD Auto Blackberry Kush from Dutch Passion or CBD Therapy from CBD Crew.