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In Europe we can be quite proud of our free spirit. We are free in what we do and what we ingest. Right! Many smart products can be used by anyone. So we also have a lot of experience with magic truffles, magic mushrooms, DMT, mescaline cacti, LSA, laughing gas, kanna, kratom and other smart drugs. All of these substances are very different. Not everyone can enjoy everything. Yet there are smartshop products that are appreciated by the majority of people. Those are exactly the psychedelics, herbs and trip drugs you will find in this list. The wonders of our online smartshop that you really must have tried!

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There is no better way to discover our online smartshop. Scour this list and try something new every now and then. From strong kratom to the best magic truffles. And of course supplements to survive the hangover or Tuesday dip. Our online shop is filled with everything a curious and naughty soul wants to discover. Be informed by our blogs and specialized customer service. Go on a journey with our 10 winners.


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