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Glass Ashtray - Classic Pack (RAW)
Glass Ashtray - Dark Side (RAW)
Glass Ashtray - Rainbow (RAW)
Cones King-Size Classic (RAW) 109 mm

Starting at 1,75

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Filter Tips / Roaches Pre-Rolled (RAW)

Starting at 1,00

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RAW Classic Papers Unbleached | King-Size Slim Top Quality

Starting at 1,00

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Cone Joint Roller (RAW) 110 mm
Cones Organic (RAW) 109 mm

Starting at 1,95

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Six Shooter Cone Filler (RAW)
RAW Black Smoking Papers | King-Size Slim

Starting at 1,50

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RAW Connoisseur Classic Papers and Tips | King-Size Slim

Starting at 1,80

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Cone filler machine (Raw) Top Quality
Stash Box | Classic Wood Box (RAW)
RAW Organic Hemp Rolls 5 meters | King-Size Slim

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Joint Roller Hemp Fiber (RAW) 110 mm
Creditcard Grinder | Shredder Card (RAW) 8 cm
RAW Organic Hemp Papers | Single Wide

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Rolling Pouch / Smoking Wallet (RAW)
RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers | King-Size Slim

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Cone Tips / Roaches (RAW)

Starting at 0,85

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As a leading headshop, we have no choice but to represent the huge RAW brand. And we do so with all the love we have. That's why we offer a broad collection of RAW Smoking products such as rolling papers and cones, but also accessories such as loaders, fillers and even socks and mugs!

RAW Smoking

All over the world, people use accessories from RAW Smoking to smoke. It is one of the biggest smoking accessories brands in the world. They only make environmentally friendly and 100% natural products. Never made from genetically modified plants. In our RAW collection you can buy authentic and unrefined smoking products. On the menu you will find RAW rolling papers, tips, cones, trays, fillers and much more! The brand wants to create a real cannabis lifestyle with its products. So you can also buy a lot of merchandise such as hoodies, socks and mugs. In addition to the smokables and merchandise, there is also a real RAW Foundation that promotes equality for all mankind. The foundation organizes various charity projects in poor countries. A brand with an interest in the well-being of the world.

Josh Kesselman

The face of RAW is Josh Kesselman. The founder of the brand can be seen wherever the products go. All over the world. He is the brains behind all the products and the mission and vision of RAW smoking. Josh Kesselman is a remarkable character. For example, check out RAWPapersOfficial's YouTube channel. Josh actually makes videos about everything RAW is doing as a brand, anywhere in the world. In addition, you can find helpful explanations and tutorials about all the products. Can't quite work out what to do with a product? Watch a video and Josh will explain it to you in detail.

RAW Rolling paper

If you want to make sure that the products you smoke with are free of contamination, you should go for RAW rolling paper, tips and other smoking supplies. RAW rolling papers are always 100% natural. They also have a special Organic Hemp product line. All of that rolling paper is made from sustainably grown hemp. RAW rolling papers are always unbleached. It contains no chlorine, chalk, dyes or other additives. You will never taste it and it will not affect the flavour of your weed or hash. At Dutch-Headshop we sell all kinds of RAW rolling papers. Whether you want a package with tips, extra wide rolling papers or a 12-inch roll. We have it all in stock. Also the popular RAW Black rolling papers.

Black Rolling paper

Connoisseurs know it: RAW Black rolling paper is perhaps the best in the world. The unique feature of this rolling paper is its low weight and minimal thickness. The paper is double pressed and therefore extra thin. It weighs much less than average products. The result? Even less flavour influence and a better smoking experience. Other extra thin papers from similar brands tend to tear. But because of the special watermarks and double pressing, RAW Black papers never break. Try it and you'll never want to use different RAW papers again.

Buying RAW Cones

If there's one headshop product that has many different variations of it, it's cones. So why should you buy RAW cones? First of all, they are the most natural and durable joint cones on the market. Not only the materials, but also the production methods are sophisticated. In addition, RAW cones are known to have no impact whatsoever on the flavour of your joint. The tips in the sleeves are always perfectly rolled and do not let anything through. You can also choose from different sizes. Do you want special Organic Hemp cones from RAW? Of course we have those as well.!

Rollers, Fillers, Loaders and Trays

Besides the main smoking accessories, RAW Smoking makes many other products. You name it, it's there. From sweaters to socks. From hats to caps. From grinders to lighters. From snowboards to skateboards (yes, really). Basically, RAW Smoking has EVERYTHING!

A few products that stand out are the joint rollers. These strong and simple rollers help you to roll a joint. As you can expect from the brand, all materials are super sustainable and made from natural materials. RAW's cone fillers are also selling like hot cakes. Must have something to do with the unprecedented popularity of the RAW cones. You can fill up to 6 at a time in the Six Shooter. Then there are loaders and rolling trays, which are very handy for rolling joints. Take a look around this page and find the RAW Smoking product that suits you best.

Huge collection RAW Tips

RAW tips come in all shapes and sizes. The normal tipbooks are very well known. The perforated tips are less well known. They are very handy if you always want to have an M or W in your tip. Then there are special cone tips. You roll these into the shape of a cone, which gives your joint a nice conical shape faster. These cone tips are very handy when you want to make large joints. They also provide extra strength.

The abovementioned products are also available from other brands. But what RAW Smoking has done really well are the pre-rolled RAW tips. These pre-rolled tips are very pure. They are just rolled for you. No fooling around. Just good tips in a bag. Just put them in your RAW rolling paper and roll!