LED Grow Lights for Cannabis Cultivation

Discover the ideal LED grow light for indoor cannabis cultivation in our online grow shop. Our full-spectrum LED grow lights are perfect for the hobbyist grower.

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LED Grow Light for Growing Weed

Are you a hobbyist grower interested in growing weed indoors? The right grow light is essential for the healthy growth of your cannabis plants. Explore our range of LED grow lights specially selected for hobbyists. These lights are ideal for indoor weed cultivation.

With our LED lights, you get an energy-efficient and effective weed grow light for your home. These weed lights provide the right light spectrum for every stage of your cannabis plant, from germination to flowering. For the enthusiastic hobbyist considering buying a grow light or a grow lamp, our collection is an excellent choice. Each light is carefully selected to ensure optimal growth and flowering of your weed plants without the risk of overheating or energy waste.

LED Grow Light: Growth Light and Flowering Light in One

Growing weed has three crucial stages: the seedling phase, the growth phase, and the flowering phase. During the growth phase, the weed plant develops in height and strength, while the flowering phase focuses on the development of flowers or buds. The seedling phase is unique because a young weed plant is more sensitive to light after germination than when it is mature.

An LED grow light has a significant advantage over halogen lighting. LED lights can adjust the light spectrum to the specific needs of each stage. For example, during the growth phase, weed plants need more blue light, which contributes to strong and healthy growth. In the flowering phase, more red light is desired, which stimulates flowering and leads to a richer harvest. LED grow lights consist of many different individual LEDs with different properties.

  • Full-Spectrum White: Mimicking natural sunlight, promotes plant growth and flowering across all stages.
  • Red: Stimulates the flowering phase, leading to fuller and larger buds.
  • Deep Red: Intensifies flowering, improves photosynthesis efficiency.
  • NIR (Near Infrared): Penetrates deep into plant tissues, promotes cell growth and recovery.
  • Infrared: Supports germination and faster flowering development.
  • Blue: Essential for the initial growth phase, ensures sturdy, compact plants.
  • UV (Ultraviolet): Helps develop resistance to diseases and can increase the potency of active substances.

Furthermore, LED panels are often dimmable. In addition to adjusting the height, you can easily meet the plant's needs. Whether the weed plant is in the delicate seedling phase or in the growth or flowering phase, the versatility of an LED grow light allows you to optimize the lighting conditions, resulting in a healthier plant, higher yields, and less intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Grow Lights

  • Which LED light is best for growing weed? A full-spectrum LED grow light is the best for growing weed because it provides a wide range of light essential for all growth stages.
  • How many watts of light for growing weed? For a small growing space, 50-100 watts per weed plant is sufficient. For larger setups, consider 100 watts or more per plant. Keep in mind that the power of a light is not the sole determinant of its effectiveness. More on that later.
  • What is better, HPS or LED? LED lights are usually better than HPS for growing weed due to their efficiency, lower heat emission, and the ability to provide a broad spectrum of light.
  • How many lumens of light does a weed plant need? Lumens are irrelevant for plants. Lumens measure the total amount of visible light emitted by a lamp but do not consider how plants absorb light. PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), on the other hand, measures the part of the light spectrum (400 to 700 nm) that is usable for photosynthesis. This is essential for plant growth because it indicates how effective a light source is for the plant's photosynthesis process. The higher this value, the more usable light a weed plant can absorb.
  • How high should an LED light be above a weed plant? Place an LED grow light at a distance of 30-45 cm above the top of the weed plants, depending on the light's power and the plant's growth stage.
  • How many watts do you need for one weed plant? For one weed plant, 50-100 watts of LED lighting is recommended, depending on the size of the plant and the growing conditions.
  • Are two grow lights better than one? Multiple grow lights can be effective for evenly distributing light over a larger area, but one powerful light may be sufficient for a small setup, especially since tents often have a reflective coating on the inside.
  • Which LED grow light is equivalent to a 600W HPS? An LED grow light of approximately 300-400 watts can be comparable to a 600W HPS light in terms of light output and effectiveness.

Optimal Distance from LED Lighting to the Plant

Use the table below for LED lights:


Growth Phase

Flowering Phase


44 cm

30 - 36 cm

25 - 30 cm


51 cm

36 - 44 cm

30 - 37 cm


60 cm

44 - 50 cm

37 - 45 cm


69 cm

50 - 60 cm

45 - 52 cm


81 cm

60 - 70 cm

52 - 60 cm


96 cm

70 - 90 cm

60 - 80 cm

Some data, such as the optimal distance to the plant, are indicative and provided by the supplier. Your growing space and weed plant may introduce variations.

Weed Growing Light Schedule

Curious about the ideal light schedules without delving into our extensive blogs?

Seedlings & Growth Phase: 18 hours on, 6 hours off

Flowering Phase: 12 hours on, 12 hours off

Autoflowers: 18 hours on, 6 hours off. Or: 20 hours on, 4 hours off.

More Information About LED Grow Lighting

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