Everything for Shamans and Tripsitters

Are you going to babysit while your friends take drugs? Hero! To improve the setting of your environment, you'll find all kinds of accessories in this category. Decorate your dull wall with a psychedelic tapestry or create an inspiring scent with incense sticks. The setting is incredibly important while tripping on magic mushrooms, truffles or other psychedelics. At least as important is the role of the tripsitter: the sober babysitter during a trip session.

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Recover-E (Happy Caps) 4 capsules
Cebil [Anadenanthera colubrina] (Indian Spirit) 20 seeds
Red Virola Bark [Virola theidora] (Indian Spirit) 50 grams New!
Psilo-QTest | Psilocybin test for Mushrooms & Truffles (Miraculix)
LSD-QTest | Drug test for LSD (Miraculix)
Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Black Leaf) 12 cm
Heisenberg Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Kawum) 14 cm
Yopo [Anadenanthera Peregrina] (Mystic Seeds) 15 seeds
Banisteriopsis Caapi Ourinhos cut (Indian Spirit) 50 grams
Yopo seeds [Anadenanthera Peregrina] 5 grams
Lion’s Mane [Hericium erinaceus] Organic (Pure Mushrooms) Organic

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose [Argyreia Nervosa] (Indian Spirit) 10 seeds
Banisteriopsis Caapi Trueno Shredded (Indian Elements) 50 grams
Happy Tea Social Bundle Extra discount
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Incense Sticks (De Moeder's Geuren)

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Bedtime 5HTP Gummies (Yumi) 60 pieces
Incense Burner Palm Wood
Trip Stopper (Private Label) 4 capsules
Valerian [Valeriana Officinalis] (Indian Elements) 60 capsules
Tapestry Ganesha (Black Leaf) 150 x 220 cm

Make the trip enjoyable and unforgettable for your friends! In this category you will find products that are used by shamans and tripsitters. So, are you a sober tripsitter who's keeping watch during a psychedelic trip of your buddies? Then prepare yourself with these indispensable herbs, supplements and room decorations!


A shaman is a traditional priest or medicine man (although often women) that tribal people ask for help with complaints. These complaints do not always have to be physical.

Traditionally, the shaman is both a local doctor and a lifestyle coach. Nowadays, the role of a modern shaman is mainly to facilitate legal drug use. At least, in the Western world.

Please note that it is a noble goal to make people better, but if something is wrong with your health or the health of others, you should go to your general practitioner. This category is for people who think shamanism is cool and want to play a role in helping others. We do not give medical advice and do not sell medicines.


The importance of a tripsitter is often underestimated. You should see a tripsitter as the designated driver. You bring people to a party and afterwards you bring them safely home. Instead of getting behind the wheel as a tripsitter, you help people to go on a trip. Passive tripsitters make sure the environment is safe and that your friends, under the influence of drugs, cannot do crazy or dangerous things. An active tripsitter is more like a shaman. Through conversation, sometimes deeply rooted ideas or thoughts can be expressed. This can be confronting and emotional. And if you, as a sober tripsitter, can deal with that well; hats off!

In this category you will find stuff to make your experience as a tripsitter or shaman more pleasant, but also products to support your friends or clients. Think of calming trip stoppers you can use when someone is not feeling well.

Incense sticks

A stick of incense can change the atmosphere and thus the setting considerably. The scent in a room can, especially subconsciously, do a lot to how we feel. There have been experiments with fragrances that stimulate buying behaviour in the supermarket, but also when viewing houses (really)! Smells that remind you of far-off tropical places like India, Peru and Nepal complete a spiritual journey on magic mushrooms, peyote or magic truffles. It helps you to relax, which lowers your resistance to losing reality. That makes every trip a lot more pleasant.

Herbs and Trip stoppers

Whether you want to start or stop a trip, the herbs and capsules in this category will do the trick. You will only find herbs with a psychedelic effect or herbs that soothe the effects of a trip. This way you can prevent a bad trip and an unpleasant experience for you or your friends.