Weed & Cannabis Lifestyle

Cannabis accessories and weed stuff for the real weed lifestyle fan. In our headshop, you'll find all kinds of stuff with a weed logo or something related to it. How about a weed hat, weed socks or cannabis games? With these accessories you will become a real stoner and make smoking weed a lot more fun and easy. Everything for the weed lifestyle.

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Glass Ice Bong | Copper Archimedes Reactor (Black Leaf)
Rolling Tray (Dutch-Headshop) 27 x 16 cm
Metal Rolling Tray (Clipper) 14 x 18 cm

Starting at 7,95

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Metal Rolling Tray (Fire-Flow) 17,5 x 27,5 cm

Starting at 9,95

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Weed Hat | OG Kush Camo 420 Snapback (Lauren Rose)
Special Price 24,75 Regular Price 32,95
Cones King-Size | Lightly Dyed Pink (G-Rollz)

Starting at 4,95

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Active Carbon Filters Xtra Slim 5,9 x 26,9 mm (Purize) 50 pcs

Starting at 9,95

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Bamboo Rolling Tray Palette (G-Rollz) 19 x 14 cml
Metal Weed Ashtray (Best Buds) 140 mm

Starting at 2,50

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Weed Hat | Girl Scout Cookies 420 Trucker Hat (Lauren Rose)
Special Price 22,45 Regular Price 29,95
Face Mask (RAW)
Weed playing cards
Rolling Pouch / Smoking Wallet (RAW)
Weed Hat | Gelato 420 Strapback (Lauren Rose)
Special Price 22,45 Regular Price 29,95
Tapestry Ganesha (Black Leaf) 150 x 220 cm
Eco Rolling Tray (Greengo) 16 x 20 cm
EX Hash Knife (Hash Grinder Company)

Starting at 8,95

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Weed Socks (RAW)
Stash Box Metal (Dutch-Headshop) 0.04 Liter
Special Price 2,95 Regular Price 4,95
Weed Hat | Jack Herer Wake N Bake 420 Snapback (Lauren Rose)
Special Price 22,45 Regular Price 29,95

If you want to have stuff with a weed logo, you can indulge yourself here. In our lifestyle page you'll find all sorts of weed gear and grass accessories. From a nice hat of your favourite strain, a weed mask and nice weed socks, to incense, storage boxes and books. We've got something for everyone.

Weed Lifestyle

If you want to show off your weed lifestyle, there are many ways to do so. A little low profile with a few nice weed accessories such as storage trays and a nice mug on the desk. Or all-out with a weed hat, socks, mask and a jumper with a weed logo on it. It is up to you how far you want to go. We are here to provide you with all that weed stuff.


More and more people, especially young people, are calling weed grass. They are also not afraid to show that they smoke a little weed. On the streets you'll increasingly see grass accessories and clothing with the recognizable green leaf. Smoking weed, or smoking grass, is becoming more and more accepted by society.

Find the stuff for your grass lifestyle here. Go play one of our cannabis games with your friends or read an interesting book about weed. Show that the green plant is in your heart. You can do that with a nice lighter, but you can also go for a weed hat or nice socks with weed leaves on them.

Meaning of Gras

The meaning of grass: cannabis. The term grass was born on the streets. To roll some gras means to roll a joint and to clap some grass means to smoke it. But when someone asks: "Can you get me some grass?", they may just mean a bag of weed. Other nicknames for weed or grass are of course cannabis, ganja, marijuana, jonko mary jane and so on. Now you know the meaning of grass. You can find everything that comes with it here.

Cannabis Shop

Every head and cannabis shop in the big cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam sells lifestyle stuff. Often the ranges are similar. In our weed shop, you'll find unique items that you can't buy anywhere else. Every day, we scour the shops for great items to promote the weed or cannabis lifestyle.

Weed Stuff

There's a lot of weed stuff out there. Just look around on this page. Here's a sneak peek.

Weed hat

Want a nice weed hat? One with your favourite strain on it? Take your pick from our Lauren Rose collection. Adjustable snapbacks, strapbacks and trucker hats with weed related embroideries. A Lauren Rose weed hat often has a secret stash compartment, so you can hide gras in it. Looks nice and is handy too!

Weed socks

Weed socks come in all shapes and sizes. Large, coloured socks with weed leaves. Or small and discreet from RAW. One thing is certain. If you come to a stoner's house and have to take off your shoes, you are in good hands.

Weed game

A weed game is great fun to play with your friends. Roll a joint, take a few puffs and play. How about the Hemp Heroes board game or an old school pack of weed playing cards with which you can play your own weed games? No animal game can beat that!