Watering Cannabis & Irrigation Systems

Discover efficient irrigation for your cannabis plants at Dutch-Headshop. From simple watering cans to advanced irrigation systems.

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Are you looking for an efficient way to provide water for your cannabis plants? Discover our range of irrigation systems and water supply products, ideal for hobbyist growers. Whether you are growing weed in a grow tent, garden, or on your balcony, water can make a difference in the health and yield of your plants.

Various Ways of Watering Cannabis

Watering with a watering can is only practical when you can do it when your plants need water. But what if you're not at home? Or what if your plants are not in soil but in hydroponics? In that case, your plants should not run out of water. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and we can even automate watering.

It doesn't have to be complex or expensive. With drip irrigation and plant drippers, you can provide the right amount of water to your cannabis plants. There are even systems that are simple and effective. When the soil is dry, a drip system automatically provides water, without the need for electricity, regulators, or batteries.

Differences in Irrigation Systems

Within the world of irrigation, there are various systems available, each with its own advantages. Ebb & flow hydroponic systems work by periodically filling the plant containers with nutrient water and then letting it drain away. This simulates natural tides and ensures excellent oxygen supply to the roots. Drip systems, on the other hand, deliver a constant, controlled amount of water and nutrients directly to the roots, which is ideal for uniform growth. These are suitable for both soil and hydroponic cultivation. You can find handy products like hydroponic pots in this category.

Deep Water Culture (DWC) is a method in which plants are placed in net pots floating in a nutrient solution. This provides a continuous supply of water and nutrients with a high oxygen concentration to the roots. In addition to these systems, there are also self-regulating irrigation systems, such as the wick system, where plants absorb water through a wick from a water reservoir, providing a simple and low-maintenance option.

Whether you opt for a more hands-on approach by using a watering can or sprayer to walk around the plants. Or you go for a fully automated system, at Dutch-Headshop, you will find the right solution for efficient watering of your cannabis plants.

Too Much or Too Little Water

Too much water can lead to problems like root rot, while too little water can hinder growth. A rule of thumb is that when you insert a fingertip into the soil, the soil should stick to your finger. Does your finger become soaking wet? Then there is too much water in the pot. If the soil feels like a rope and nothing sticks to your fingertip, then the soil is too dry, and you should water it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Watering

  • How do you water a cannabis plant? Water at the base of the plant until the soil is moist but not soaked. Ensure that the water reaches the entire root zone while avoiding overwatering.
  • How long can a cannabis plant go without water? Depending on environmental factors and plant size, a cannabis plant can go without water for several days to a week. However, this varies greatly, especially if the plant is outdoors and rain is forecasted.
  • Can a plant go 10 days without water? This is risky and depends on the circumstances. It's better to provide an irrigation system when absent.
  • How much water does a cannabis plant need? This depends on the plant's size and growth conditions. If you're growing in soil, cannabis plants typically need water 1-2 times per week, providing approximately 10% of the pot size in water.
  • How do you know if your plant is getting enough water? If the soil feels moist, and the plant looks healthy, it's getting enough water. Drooping or wilting leaves can indicate insufficient water.
  • What to do if a plant has been overwatered? Stop watering until the soil is almost dry. Ensure good drainage and avoid water stagnation in the pot.
  • How do you know if your plant has root rot? Symptoms of root rot include brown, slimy roots and wilted or yellowing leaves. Poor drainage and overwatering are often the causes.
  • Why do leaves turn yellow? Yellow leaves can indicate various issues, including nutrient deficiencies, overwatering, or pH problems in the soil.
  • What pH is best for cannabis plants? Growing in soil: pH 6.3. Growing in rockwool: pH 6.0. Growing hydroponically or in coco coir: pH 5.8. Soil is the most forgiving. Want to learn more about pH?
  • Is rainwater good for cannabis plants? Yes, rainwater is often better than tap water for cannabis plants because, unlike tap water from some countries, it doesn't contain chlorine.