Fertilizer for Cannabis Plants

Order the ideal fertilizer for your cannabis plants. All nutrients in this category have been specially selected for growing cannabis. Healthy growth and flowering, and higher yields!

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pH Perfect Sensi Grow A&B (Advanced Nutrients) 2 x 500 ml
pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A&B (Advanced Nutrients) 2 x 500 ml
Cocos A&B (Plagron) 2 x 1 liter
Hydro A&B (Plagron) 2 x 1 liter
Terra Grow (Plagron) 1 liter
 Cannabis Fertilizer | Organic Grow (BAC) 1 liter Organic
Special Price 13,95 Regular Price 16,95
Terra Bloom (Plagron) 1 liter
Biotabs Starterpack
Cannabis Fertilizer | Organic Bloom (BAC) 1 liter Organic
Special Price 13,95 Regular Price 16,95
Biotabs Boom Boom Spray 100 ml
Alga Grow (Plagron) 1 liter Organic
Big Bud | Bloom Booster (Advanced Nutrients) 250 ml
Top Grow Box 100% Organic (Plagron) Top Quality
Green Sensation Flowering Booster (Plagron) Top Quality

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Biotabs Compost Tea PK Booster 750 ml
Neem Oil for Cannabis Plants

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Easy Combo Booster Pack (Royal Queen Seeds) 5 pieces
Starter Set Cannabis Nutrients Big Organic (BAC) Organic
Power Buds (Plagron) 250 ml
Easy Pack 100% Terra (Plagron)

Are you looking for the perfect plant nutrition for your cannabis plants? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobby grower, the right nutrition is essential for the health and yield of your cannabis plants. In our assortment, you will find a variety of cannabis plant nutrition, including liquid plant nutrition and powders. All with the correct ratio of NPK fertilizers, specially designed to meet the unique needs of your cannabis plants.

Buying plant nutrition is easy at Dutch-Headshop. We offer the best nutrition for cannabis plants, suitable for both hydroponics and traditional cultivation methods. Our nutrients help you effectively care for your plants from germination to flowering. The right nutrient balance is crucial, so it's important to know when to provide plant nutrition and in what quantities. With our products, you can trust in healthy growth and a bountiful harvest.

Base Nutrition, Supplements, and Pest Control

A cannabis plant cannot do without base nutrition. Over time, the soil becomes depleted, and your cannabis plant weakens. To prevent this, you need to provide basic plant nutrition. These are fertilizers with the correct ratio of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). Don't worry, all plant nutrition in this category is highly suitable for growing cannabis. We've already sorted out that NPK story for you! However, you still need to choose between nutrition for growth and nutrition for flowering. Cannabis plants have different nutrient requirements when they start flowering.

Supplements and Plant Nutrition

Supplements can be various products that give growth, flowering, and yield a boost but are not strictly necessary to keep your cannabis plant alive. Think, for example, of a root stimulator that helps you grow large and strong roots or a supplement that makes your cannabis taste juicier and sweeter after harvest. Yes, there are so many choices. We recommend stocking up on some supplements in addition to your basic plant nutrition when growing cannabis.

Pest Control

Suffering from aphids, mold, thrips, or spider mites? Your cannabis plants won't be happy with these pests and powdery mildew. Get rid of them with these safe pest control products for cannabis plants! You only buy these when you have problems with unwanted inhabitants of your cannabis plants, but they are indispensable when it comes to that.

Plant Nutrition Value Packs

Especially when you're just starting to grow cannabis, there's a lot to learn. Light, tents, darkening, topping... Make it easy for yourself with cannabis nutrition by choosing a value pack. These often contain a combination of growth and flowering nutrition, as well as the supplements that make the most difference. BAC, Plagron, Advanced Nutrients, and many more plant nutrition brands offer these types of value packs. And you'll save money too.

Hydroponic Cultivation

Whether you're interested in hydroponic cultivation or prefer soil, good nutrition is the key to success. For those who grow hydroponic cannabis, we have special hydroponic nutrition that provide your cannabis plants with all essential nutrients without the need for soil. This hydroponics nutrition is perfect for growing cannabis plants in water and ensures that your plants lack nothing without soil.

NPK Fertilizers

NPK stands for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in that order. These are the elements that plants need the most, along with water and CO2. Plants must extract these through their roots from the soil. If the soil does not contain these elements or if they are not in the right proportions for the plant's needs, various leaf problems can occur. The plant becomes malnourished and therefore sick.

A good all-around growth nutrition for cannabis has an NPK of 7-5-6.

A suitable NPK for the entire flowering phase of your cannabis plants is 3-10-10.

This doesn't mean that plant nutrition with different NPK ratios is bad. It's just less optimal. For example, a flowering nutrition with 1-3-3 is also okay. You can think of NPK as the five-a-day for plants, describing the basic needs for plants. Each plant has its own needs. Roses, oak trees, and cannabis plants all have different nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium requirements. You can learn more about NPK in this blog about the differences between flowering and growth nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long should nutrients be in potting soil? This depends on the potting soil you use. Some enriched potting soils contain enough nutrients for the first 3-6 weeks. After that, it is advisable to supplement with liquid plant food.
  • How do you use plant food? Dissolve the food in water according to the instructions on the packaging and feed it to your plants. Ensure that you distribute the food evenly and respect the recommended quantities.
  • Can you overfeed a plant? Yes, overfeeding can lead to 'nutrient burn,' where the leaf tips turn yellow or brown. This can damage the plant. Always follow the recommended dosage.
  • What nutrients for Autoflowers? Autoflowers often require less nutrients than photoperiod plants. You can use the same nutrients. During the transition from growth to flowering, you can give a mixture of growth and bloom nutrients, but never exceed the recommended dosage on the packaging.
  • How much food should I give my cannabis plant? This depends on the growth stage of the plant, the size of the plant, and the type of nutrients. Follow the recommended dosages on the packaging of the plant food.
  • What is the best food for cannabis plants? The best food contains a balanced mix of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and essential micronutrients. In this category, you will find many options, but they are all suitable for growing cannabis.