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You want to buy cannabis seeds, but you are unsure which ones? At the Dutch-Headshop you will encounter all cannabis seeds at one section. To make the right choice, you can filter the cannabis seeds on your favorite strain and properties.

Effects of cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds come in many types, and each type has, of course, its own qualities. The effects of cannabis seeds can strongly vary. Listed below are the most important effects.

  • Energy boost
  • An euphoric effect
  • A calming effect
  • Increase of appetite
  • A happy and giggly effect
  • A strong high or stoned feeling

Autoflower and feminized

When purchasing cannabis seed, you can choose between feminized and feminized autoflower cannabis seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds only produce female plants. Female cannabis plants create much higher levels of the active substances THC and CBD than male plants.

Feminized autoflower cannabis seeds will flower automatically, in contrast to non-autoflower cannabis seeds. These plants also often stay smaller than non-autoflower cannabis plants. You can soon harvest with feminized autoflower marijuana plants, and there is no risk you have male plants.

Germination Guarantee

Do you want a guarantee that your cannabis seeds will germinate? Then opt for the private label cannabis seeds from Dutch-Headshop. We are proud of our private label seeds, so proud that we provide a free germination guarantee with all private label cannabis seeds!

Cannabis seeds remain natural products that, despite the best care, love, and attention, do not always germinate. At Dutch-Headshop, we prevent that by giving our private label cannabis seeds a germination guarantee. Nature can be unpredictable, but with us, you can always count on advice, certainty, and service.


THC and CBD are some substances produced by marijuana plants. Especially THC is an active substance in cannabis. The difference between both substances is that THC has a psychoactive effect, while CBD hasn’t. In both cases, the plant has a higher level of THC and CBD. Only a handful of specialist seeds contain more CBD. In some cases, the THC:CBD rate is 1:1. This means that the THC percentage is equal to that of CBD. These CBD-rich seeds we call Medicinal Marijuana (Mediwiet) seeds, as they are specially cultivated for their medicinal properties.


Before growing marijuana, it is important to take into account several factors. The flowering time, harvest month, cultivation site and yield of cannabis seeds are of course important.

The length of the plant's flowering time in general lies between seven and ten weeks. The harvest months are from the beginning of May till the end of October. Autoflower marijuana plants are in particular suitable to harvest in the months May till August. Autoflower marijuana seeds automatically flower, while non-autoflower plants start flowering when days get shorter and plants receive fewer hours of light.

Almost all cannabis seeds are suitable for both indoors, outdoors and greenhouse cultivation. Some plants need to be cultivated indoors, while others grow best in the open air.


You can order cannabis seeds of different brands at the Dutch-Headshop. Of course, you can filter on your favorite brand. Listed below are all brands.

  • Barney’s Farm
  • CBD Crew
  • Dutch-Headshop Private Label
  • Dutch Passion
  • Grass ‘O Matic
  • Greenhouse Seeds
  • Joint Doctor’s
  • Positronics
  • Royal Queen Seeds

Start growing right away! Choose your favorite cannabis seeds and order them easily and discreetly at the Dutch-Headshop.