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Attention party drug users. Do you want to party or enjoy yourself responsibly and are you looking for legal drugs and stimulants that are on a par with speed, 4-FMP or XTC? Then you’re at the right place with us. Here you can find energy-enhancing, natural products and party drugs that give you a solid dose of energy and a pleasant high. You can buy legal party drugs simply and easily on this page. All 100% safe and legal.

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Red Vein Kratom Tincture (Indian Spirit) 10 ml
Green Vein Kratom Tincture (Indian Spirit) 10 ml
Kratom Soft Resin Thai (Indian Spirit) 5 grams
Kratom Hard Resin Bali (Indian Spirit) 5 grams
All in One Kratom (Kratopia) 50 grams
Kratom Capsules Red Maeng Da (Indian Spirit) 30 pieces
Kratom Capsules White Maeng Da (Indian Spirit) 30 pieces
Kratom Capsules Green Maeng Da (Indian Spirit) 30 pieces
Kratom Capsules Yellow Maeng Da (Indian Spirit) 30 pieces
Kratom Powder Green Maeng Da (Kratopia) 50 grams
Kratom Extract 25X Red Vein (Indian Spirit) 5 grams
Kratom Extract 25X Green Vein (Indian Spirit) 5 grams
Kratom Powder Green Maeng Da (Indian Spirit)

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Kratom Powder Red Maeng Da (Indian Spirit)

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Kratom Powder White Maeng Da (Indian Spirit)

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Kratom Powder Yellow Maeng Da (Indian Spirit)

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Happy Tea Truffle (Microdose Together)

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Yerba maté powder [Ilex paraguarensis] (Indian Spirit) 50 grams
Party X (DNX) 4 Capsules
Molly X (DNX) 4 Capsules

Looking for a good substitute for illegal party drugs? Check out responsible list of party drugs or sieve through the above articles. Here you’ll find legal drugs like kratom, Happy Caps and guarana. All of which are stimulants that work fantastically well at a party. Not so much of a party goer? Lots of these stimulants are also great for using during sports, studying or even while working.

Stimulerende Middelen During a Party or for Fatigue

Whether you’re at a party and want to get in the mood or are simply very tired, everyone needs extra energy at times. The products in this category are food supplements which contain certain energy-enhancing substances. Ideal if you need more energy for working, studying, sporting activities or partying. Your dip in energy is postponed and you can carry on without feeling tired. These party drugs and energy-enhancing products can be compared to speed (pep), XTC or 4-FMP. They are not illegal and we sell only natural herbs and herb mixtures. A better more user-friendly and simpler alternative.

Party Drugs

For many people party drugs bring to mind illegal and addictive substances which are bad for your health. But that is not always the case. Here with us you can find products which are 100% legal and - in most cases - 100% natural. So you don’t have to buy these products from a street dealer. Do you want to be active, experience feelings of euphoria, tingling sensations and a chilled high? You can get that with the party drugs in this category. Available in all kinds of types and strengths. Can be ordered online.

Our Party Drugs List

There are a huge number of different party drugs. Not all of them are legal drugs. And that’s where the difference lies. We sell only party drugs that are safe and legal in the country where you live. For example, on a normal list of party drugs you might also find speed, XTC, 4-FMP or even ketamine. Needless to say, we don’t have anything to do with them. To give you an idea of the legal party drugs in our range, we have compiled a nice list of party drugs.

  • Kratom
  • Happy Caps (such as Trip-E and Euphor-E)
  • Guarana
  • Cola nut
  • Calamus
  • Kanna
  • Kryptonite capsules
  • Stargate 2.0 capsules
  • Ultimate X Nitro Capsules
  • Psychedelics like shrooms, magic truffles and salvia

Legal Drugs

If you’re on the lookout for legal drugs, Dutch Headshop is the perfect address. We have all kinds of stimulants and party drugs that are completely legal and do not fall under the Opium Act. Just one proviso, you have to be an adult in order to order all these kinds of legal drugs from us. It’s 100% safe (and responsible) to buy party drugs on our website. Provided you read through all the additional information and keep to our advice. That makes our legal drugs safe for everyone.

In addition to legal party drugs, you can find magic mushrooms, magic truffles, laughing gas, salvia, DMT herbs and still more drug types on our website. These too are legally obtainable by anyone over the age of 18.

Legal Drugs: Not addictive or Damaging to your Health

Are you put off by the terms speed, XTC and 4-FMP? That’s not at all necessary. Naturally we do not sell any heavy stuff which is addictive and bad for you! Our range is almost 100% natural. For comparison: in true party drugs there are chemical substances to which you can get addicted and which are bad for your health. Our products are not like that. We sell only the secrets of Mother Nature. Try for yourself!

Main products: Kratom, Guarana, Powders & Happy Caps

  • Kratom is a tropical herb that was used in the past as a substitute for opium. Opium isn’t the most suitable form of party drug. But kratom works a bit differently and is indeed a good party drug. The effects of kratom are comparable to a low dose of cocaine. It has a euphoric and stimulating effect. At a higher dosage, kratom may bring about dreamlike effects that are more opium-like. But above all, these legal drugs enable you to keep going for hours on end.
  • Guarana (powder) is one of the ingredients in many energy drinks and it’s packed full of caffeine. But there’s no sugar in it and also the effect is slightly different. The sugar-free energy generator is one of the strongest stimulants and allows you to bounce around for hours. At a higher dosage, you might get the shakes and find it difficult to sleep. Some hard-core party drugs fans say it resembles speed somewhat. So go easy with guarana!
  • Coffee and tea. Tea or coffee powders which consist of a mixture of herbs. Energy-generating, concentration-enhancing and simply delicious.
  • Energy- and euphoria-generating capsules. An abundance of substances and stimulants such as kryptonite, nitro ecstasy, guarana, kanna, caffeine, L-tryptophan and Cola nitida.
  • Happy Caps are a good example of energy- and euphoria-stimulating capsules. Lovers of legal or party drugs often opt for Happy Caps. Read more later on about this ultimate, responsible party drug.
  • Energy-generating powders. Powders for using in many ways. For mixing with water, tea, coffee, other hot drinks and soft drinks. Can also be used as a flavour enhancer or as a sexual stimulant.

Happy Caps: Trip-E, Euphor-E & More

At Dutch Headshop we are big fans of Happy Caps. When you talk about legal drugs or natural party drugs, Happy Caps are high up in the list. There are a lot of different varieties of Happy Caps – all the stimulants combined in one capsule. The most popular are Trip-E, Dance-E, Euphor-E and also Sex-E. All of them contain natural ingredients that give you just that extra bit of energy at a party or festival. They are a responsible and powerful alternative to party drugs like XTC.

Treat Happy Caps with respect. For example, Trip-E contains a substantial proportion of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. That’s a strong smart drug that contains LSA. In addition, it’s reinforced with caffeine, magnesium and other ingredients. At high dosages, users may experience the same effects as those of speed or XTC. So keep an eye on the dosage with Happy Caps. Always read the information on the packaging before you take the plunge with these legal drugs.

History of Energy-enhancing Party Drugs

Energy products know a long history. The herbs and seeds of which many products are made, were already used in earlier times in South-America and Africa. In those times, many products were already used for other purposes than obtaining energy. Think of improving digestion and inducing psychoactive effects.

Our Best Brands

Energy products are of high quality and are from the well-known labels. Every label has its own identity and qualities.

  • Herbs of the Gods has a diverse offer or herbs and seeds that can be mixed with hot or cold drinks. These herbs or seeds do not only provide energy, they also have a beneficial influence on the human body. For example, some Herbs of the Gods' products can have a positive effect on the blood circulation or the nervous system.
  • Happy Caps principally has products suitable for parties and festivals. Happy Caps products do not only provide a euphoric feeling, they also bring you into the party mood, so you can easily stay the whole night on the dance floor. All Happy Caps products are capsules that can easily be taken in with a glass of water.

Thinking of Buying Legal Drugs or Party Drugs? Check out our Range!

Planning to go out in the evening, after a busy working week? Or you still have to work several hours? In both cases Dutch-Headshop can help you out with a complete offer of energy products. Check out the range and surprise yourself with kratom, Happy Caps or guarana. Thinking of buying legal drugs or party drugs? Look no further.