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Rolling joint

Everything you need to roll a well-made joint. With the help of joint rollers and accessories from our headshop, it has never been so easy to roll a good spliff.

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Rolling a joint can be quite a task. Especially as a beginner, it may be difficult to roll a joint. To roll a proper spliff, use the right tools. At the Dutch-Headshop you can find everything to roll the perfect joint yourself.


Of course tips and rolling paper is essential for rolling the perfect joint, but there may be other products with an added value. From Kavatza's luxurious joint roller pouches to a simple joint sleeve, each product has its own characteristics and qualities. Below you can find the most important products from this category.

  • Futurola joint roller
  • Cones Basic Joint Sleeves 109 mm 50 pieces
  • The wooden Joint roll boxes and Kavatza's joint roller pouches.
  • Joint Roller + Futurola rolling paper discount set
  • Rollmate joint roller and Rollmate Pipe

With the Futurola joint roller, the Rollmate joint roller and the Rollmate Pipe you can easily roll a joint without having to roll it yourself. Cones are pre-rolled joints with tip, but without content. Therefore, you only have to fill the cone with marijuana, tobacco or hash. Kavatza's joint roll boxes and pouches mainly serve as a support when rolling a joint or as a storage box for smoking supplies.


Futurola and Kavatza are the two most important labels with most products in the product assortment when it comes to rolling a joint.

Futurola is a very Dutch company based in Amsterdam that was originally focused on long rolling papers. The brand now offers high-quality products such as rolling papers, tips, joint sleeves, joint rollers and grinders. All products are developed and produced in-house, under strict supervision.

Kavatza is market leader in storage products for smoking supplies. Kavatza's storage products are authentic, thanks to the use of durable and natural materials such as wood and leather. All Kavatza products have easy-to-use tools to quickly roll a joint.

Check out which products lack in your inventory to quickly roll a joint, and order them easily and discretely online at the Dutch-Headshop.