Food supplements with sexually stimulating effects can be found in this category. Stimulating products such as the Spanish Fly and Muira Puama provide sexual excitement and increase the libido. You order is delivered discreetly, of course.

Desire, love and pure passion: These are natural, sexually stimulating products for him and her. Aphrodisiacs are drugs that stimulate and arise one's sexual desires. The effect and composition of these products vary, though they have in common they provide excitement and increase the desire for sex. Just take a look at:

  • The Sex-E capsules for increased potency
  • Damiana Extract for an euphoric high, and more desire
  • Stimulating Muira Puama


An aphrodisiac is nature's blue pill; and even much more. The herbs and food supplements in this category influence the dopamine, (nor-) adrenaline or serotonin level, increasing pleasure, potency and sex drive. Briefly: Herbs that help to better enjoy each other!

Aphrodisiacs of the best labels

The word aphrodisiac was derived from the Greek goddess for fertility and sexuality; Aphrodite. Aphrodite would surely approve these beautiful labels herself.

  • Happy Caps
  • Herbs of the Gods
  • Indian Elements
  • Slice

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