CBD Gummies, Cannabis Flavored Candy and other Edibles

Buy your weed candy and CBD edibles here. You'll find it all within our wide collection of products. Cookies with the flavour of your favorite weed or CBD candy with a special effect.

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CBD edibles are the latest buzz among CBD products. Not only is the flavour special, the weed candy has many more benefits. Our products sometimes have a nice weed flavor of a well-known strain, but sometimes also a fresh lemon flavour that gives you a fresh breath too! All the cannabis candy in this category gives you an optimal benefit of CBD and you can easily dose it. You avoid the bitter taste of CBD in a nice way. Our cannabis candy is available in different flavours and shapes.

Please note that the products on this page will NOT get you high or stoned. They do not contain THC.

Weed Candy

CBD edibles and cannabis candy are treats and snacks that contain CBD. They are not yet products that you can buy on every street corner, but they are appearing everywhere. These tasty candies, cookies and other snacks contain cannabidiol just like CBD oil, for example. But now ingesting CBD is turning into quite the experience!

"Edible" literally means "to eat." So with the cannabis candy in this category, you can effectively eat cannabis. Maybe needless to say, but all of our cannabis candy is THC free, so you won't get high or stoned. That is why we call them CBD edibles. For a spacecake effect you will have to make your own spacecake.

4 Reasons Why CBD Edibles Are a Good Idea

Buying CBD gummies or other edibles with CBD is now easier than ever! But you may be wondering why we offer CBD edibles. This category is really in demand, as a survey showed it to be one of the most requested products. What's the difference of edibles compared to, for example, CBD oil? We list the benefits for you!

Weed Candy is Easy to Dose

In each candy, gum, cookie or snack there is a predetermined amount of CBD. That's nice, because it allows you to easily dose. You always take exactly the same amount of CBD. For example, take 2 candies or cookies every day. Always pay attention to the maximum dosage. This is stated on the packaging.

Sweet flavours and also a Fresh Breath

Practical benefits that are also very nice for someone else. With cannabis candy you can easily get your amount of CBD. These products often have additional ingredients to provide the desired freshness. Sometimes terpenes are used to get the flavour of different cannabis species in the candy or cookie. Amnesia Haze cookies or OG Kush lollipops for example. In addition to cannabis flavours, our CBD edibles can also have other flavours. These include mint, chocolate, orange or coconut. Some candies have a refreshing effect thanks to the mint flavour. Have yourself a fresh breath too! The bitter taste of CBD will not bother you anymore.

Wide Range of CBD Edibles

Candy and other treats to spare! Pick the CBD edibles that you fancy! CBD chocolate for example or cannabis gummi bears with CBD.

You Can Use Them Anywhere

Wherever you go, it's okay to eat a candy, gum or cookie. So also CBD edibles or cannabis candy! So you can take it with you when you go out for the day or even on vacation. Watch out though. In some countries they are alarmed by the weed leaf on the package and you can get in trouble. Also, CBD is not legal everywhere. So check this carefully and watch out when abroad.

Want to buy weed candy? Check out our collection!

Want to enjoy CBD in a new way? Then try cannabis candy! For the sweet tooth or as a savory snack. We have put together a large collection for you. Turn it into a food tasting session or just choose your favorite.