Roaches & Tips

Tips are the paper filters of a joint. A tip is made of a small rectangular paper. Buy the tips as small booklets that usually contain 50 tips.

Tips are essential for rolling and smoking a joint. It's the paper filter of the joint. At the Dutch-Headshop, there is ample choice in all kinds of tips.

Function of tips

Tips are used as a joint filter. It ensures you can easily smoke the joint, without tobacco of marijuana getting into your mouth. Furthermore, rolling a joint with a well-folded tip is a lot easier. Tips always come in a booklet when ordering, but of course you can also bring a few individual tips in your pocket. The amount of tips per booklet varies per brand. A tip booklet contains at least 30 to 50 tips.

Types of tips

There are two different types of tips. Apart from the normal, rectangular tips, there are also conical tips. These tips are a better fit for a joint, because the tip is conical-shaped when you roll it. This makes rolling easier and smoking more pleasant. The folding edge of the tip is very handy for obtaining a W or M-shaped tip quickly and easily. Tips are available in separate booklets and in boxes. You can save money by buying a box, and you will have a nice stock at home. A box contains 25 to 50 tip booklets. The number of tips per box depends on the tips’ brand.


The tips in our product range are from a variety of brands. Each brand has its own identity and qualities. All brands, including its features, are listed below.

  • Futurola; made of certified paper.
  • Kulu; colored tips and wider-than-normal tips.
  • Raw; normal and conical tips, no chlorine and chemicals in paper and made with an antique paper machine.
  • Smokers Choice; conical tips, special perforations and made of ecological paper.

Avoid your tip stock runs out! Simply order the enough high-quality tips at the Dutch-Headshop.