Delicious and fair CBD products! Natural and safe dietary supplements, from CBD ointment to CBD oil and from CBD capsules to CBD paste. Each and every one of them is a fair and qualitative CBD product, from reliable suppliers. They are ideal complements to a healthy lifestyle. Experience what CBD can do for you and take a look at our assortment!

What is CBD?

All products in our CBD shop contain the healthy substance CBD. CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol, and comes from industrial hemp plants. The industrial hemp plant is not a cannabis plant. As a result, the active substance THC is not present in the CBD products. You can therefore not get high or stoned on products from this CBD shop. How is CBD made? CBD is extracted from the upper leaves and flower tops of the hemp plant through a complicated production process. Depending on the type of product, the producer uses this extract as a base for other products. 

CBD Oil 

CBD oil is currently the best-known CBD product. That makes sense. CBD oil is easy to take in, and supports one's general health. It is a powerful dietary supplement. Within our product range we offer different versions: raw, organic or pure, and with a high or low CBD content. The choice is yours.

High-quality CBD products

Within this CBD branch, there are many brands and suppliers. Not every supplier is equally reliable and neat, though. Therefore, we only work with suppliers who meet our quality standards. To guarantee our quality, analyses and intensive checks by external laboratories are regularly performed on the products. As a result, you - as a (future) CBD user - knows the level of cannabinoids in the CBD oil, for example. Good to know.

CBD suppliers from the Dutch-Headshop

A selection from our CBD suppliers of whom we sell several products: 

  • Wedihemp with their CBD oils, among other products.
  • Hemptouch with CBD skin care products, such as ointments and creams. 
  • Medi-Wiet Foundation with CBD oils, among other products. 
  • Jacob Hooy and their CBD oils, among other products. 
  • Endoca with CBD crystals, CBD oil, CBD suppositories and CBD paste. 
  • Cibdol with CBD oils and creams. 
  • Cannabigold with CBD oil. 

An extensive assortment: From CBD Oil to CBD Capsules

Our CBD shop only contains products with CBD. As a result, we have a very wide range of CBD product forms. Our offer includes the following CBD products: 

  • CBD oil 
  • CBD capsules 
  • CBD paste
  • CBD chewing gum 
  • CBD crystals
  • CBD products for pets 
  • CBD e-liquids 
  • CBD ointment and cream

You would like to buy CBD oil, paste or ointment? Take advantage! 

Have a look in our CBD shop. Do you have any questions? Please let our customer service know! They are very pleased to help you.