Cannolator Manual
You would like to make medical oil yourself with the cannolator. But how does that actually work? What things do you need? And what to do to make your own wholesome oil?

You need the following to make the oil:

  • Cannolator
  • Cannabis buds or leaves
  • Baby bottle heater
  • Alcohol for consumption
  • Air pump aquarium (not indispensable)

With the cannalator you make oil on an alcohol extraction base.  We will go through the steps that are necessary to make the oil. You use consumption alcohol of 95% in this extraction method.

Contents package
The contents of the standard package is very complete with a standard, 2 extraction tubes, a measuring cup, pipette bottles but also a thermometer and a cleaning pen.

Contents package Cannolator Dutch Headshop

Cannabis buds or leaves
The cannabis is of course very important when preparing this curative oil. You can grow cannabis yourself or buy it at a coffee shop. You can also use the cheaper cutting waste to make the oil.

Baby bottle heater
Buy this at a baby specialty store. A baby bottle warmer has a standard size. The bottle that fits into the heater has a diameter of 6.5 cm. This baby bottle heater is also included in '' Cannolator Cannabis Extractor Complete '' package.

Consumption alcohol
It is important you use alcohol of approximately 95% and that this alcohol is meant for consumption. In the cheaper variants of (cleaning) alcohol, methanol and/or acetone has been added. This to make it suitable for use as cleaning agent or fuel, but not for consumption.

So please pay attention which alcohol you use for the extraction of the wholesome marijuana oil. We recommend consumption alcohol.

Aquarium air pump
In case you ¬have an air pump, you can use this with the evaporation of the alcohol. With an aquarium air hose this goes 3 to 4 times faster than without using this hose. So not indispensable, but handy if you got one.

Evaporation Dutch Headshop

Ready to start
Now you have everything ready, you can start making marijuana oil. What follows is a step by step guide how to obtain pure marijuana oil.

We will first describe these steps briefly and after that give a more extensive explanation about each step.

  • Step 1: Weighting the cannabis
  • Step 2: Fill extraction tube and then place the tube, baby bottle heater and aquarium pump.
  • Step 3: Add alcohol
  • Step 4: Evaporating and decarboxylation
  • Step 5: Diluting.

Step 1.
Weigh 20 grams of cannabis. This can be buds, but also cutting waste or leaves. This will provide the same quality oil and is cheaper to buy. Be careful, there are selected coffee shops that can offer you cutting waste with a strong discount.

The best solution is of course to use the buds of a self-grown plant, then you are sure about the quality you use. Dry the cannabis very well before using it.

Did you completely dry the cannabis and did you weigh 20 grams? Then proceed to step 2.

Step 2. 
Put the dry cannabis in the extraction tube. Try a small spoon that helps you putting it into the tube. You can also make a funnel from paper for example. Press the cannabis carefully and evenly with the included scraper.

Put the baby bottle heater on the plateau of the cannolator (below the cannolator sticker). Note: With some baby bottle heaters you need to add water. Please check this before use.

Hang the air hose of the aquarium pump in the cannolator. At the back of the cannalator there is a small round hole where the hose precisely fits in. As mentioned, the hose is not indispensable, but it is useful because you can evaporate 3 to 4 times faster.

Now turn on the pump and heater at the highest level.

Waiting Dutch Headshop

Step 3.
The Cannolator is now ready, the marijuana is in the extraction tube. Now put the tube in the holder and the alcohol can be poured into the extraction tube. Use the following ratio .. grams cannabis x 6 = ... ml alcohol.

In this example, it is 20 grams of cannabis x 6 = 120 ml alcohol. The alcohol goes through the extraction tube into the container bucket. (Which is placed in the baby bottle heater). This is the raw material you that will vaporize. You can put the included thermometer into the alcohol. The alcohol will vaporize and the mix shouldn't get warmer than 80 degrees Celsius.

Step 4.
Alcohol of 95% contains 5% water. So when all alcohol has disappeared, the water will evaporate. Now the temperature rises above 80 C. When all the water has evaporated small bubbles will start to appear.

This is the decarboxylation process where active THC is created.  If no new bubbles appear any more and the oil is smooth, then you are finished¬. This is approximately 2 hours after starting the process. Now you have about 2 grams of pure marijuana oil.

Step 5.
Fill a 10ml bottle with olive oil or hemp seed oil. Then add the 2 grams of pure marijuana oil, heat up everything for another 5 to 10 minutes.

Pour the hot mix back into the bottle.

With the oil you take the full benefits of medicinal effects. (When smoking cannabis you breathe out approximately 60-80% of the effective substance.)
You can take in 1-2 drops at a time. The marijuana oil is effective after 5-20 minutes and stays effective during approximately 3-5 hours.

Diluting to dose
Step 5 is especially important in relation to diluting. Would you like a more powerful oil, add less olive oil or hemp seed oil. In the example above the oil is diluted 5 times. You can change this according to your own preference.

We can now make up the following guidelines for making marijuana oil:
.. grams marijuana  / 10 = .. grams pure oil
.. grams marijuana * 6 = … ml alcohol to be added.

Alcohol is inflammable and alcohol vapor is explosive. Ensure good ventilation, you might want to put everything below an extractor hood. Avoid open fire and continuously monitor.

Warning Dutch Headshop

General Warning
Dutch Headshop doesn't want to encourage any violation of the law. Making and using marijuana oil/ THC oil / Cannabis oil is entirely at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage that occurs before, during or after the production of the marijuana oil. We want to also want to point out that trade in these oils is prohibited.