How to Make Cannabis Oil

Would you like to make THC oil or weed oil yourself? It can be done really easily with the Cannolator from Stichting Mediwiet (Mediweed Foundation) – you can order it complete from us and we also stock all the spare parts for it. In no time at all, you can have home-made weed oil of the highest quality. You can find out how exactly it’s done, and what the difference is between weed oil, THC oil and hemp oil, in the detailed description under the products.

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It’s not difficult to make weed oil yourself. Especially with a little bit of help from Dutch Headshop. In this category, you can get everything you need to help you produce weed oil easily. Are you after, for example, a suitable (additional) measuring jug, extraction tube or empty pipette bottles? If so, then you’re in the right place. Order the things you need and go with the flow!


Before we get started, we need to be using the right terminology. In common parlance, making THC oil is the same thing as making weed oil. But there’s an important difference. When you talk about THC oil, you assume that the majority of the oil consists of THC and that you can measure the amount of it. But as you merrily go about making it, you don’t have the necessary equipment with which to measure the concentration. For that reason, you usually talk about weed oil: after all, you’re making oil from weed, aren’t you?

Making CBD Oil

The difference between weed oil and CBD Oil is the statutorily defined THC percentage. For CBD oil being purchased as a nutritional supplement, this may not be higher than 0.05%. It probably goes without saying that what CBD oil mainly contains is CBD. You don’t get high from CBD oil, but you do from weed oil.

Weed oil may contain both THC and CBD, and a whole range of other cannabinoids and terpenes. That's the beauty of pure weed oil! It’s entirely up to you which weed you use for making your weed oil. This means you could make a CBD-rich weed oil or one that’s bursting with the stuff that gets you high, namely THC. Now let’s take a look at what you need for making weed oil.

Making Weed Oil

In this category you will find everything you need for making weed oil with the exception of alcohol that is fit for consumption and, of course, medicinal weed. You aren’t allowed to buy weed online and you need a special permit to buy alcohol. The alcohol can often be obtained at the drug store, (online) off-licence or even at a pharmacy. So it’s not that difficult to find. As far as medicinal or any other kind of weed is concerned, we hope we can make you happy with our massive range of weed seeds!

» Click here for our range of weed seeds and choose your favourite weed with which to make weed oil!

You can make weed oil from your waste cuttings or from your medicinal weed buds (flowers), for example. The latter is very expensive if you buy your raw materials in a coffee shop, or even if you grow your own weed and use it first of all in a vaporizer or to roll a joint. Is making weed oil your primary purpose for cultivating weed? If so, you should go for the THC- and CBD-rich buds!

Medicinal Weed

Medicinal weed is just as easy to grow as any other weed variety but we strongly recommend you to use an organic cannabis fertilizer. But what exactly is medicinal weed? There are 3 to 4 types of medicinal weed:

  • THC-rich medicinal weed (if you want to have THC).
  • THC-poor medicinal weed (if you don’t want to get stoned).
  • 1-to-1 medicinal weed (if you want to have THC, but don’t want to get too heavily stoned).

In addition to these, there is special weed that’s rich in a certain substance which doesn’t occur (or hardly occurs) in other varieties (strains) of weed, such as THCV or CBC or terpenes like terpinolene, ocimene or linalool. We’re not permitted to tell you anything about any effect that weed or any other substances may have. All we can tell you is which varieties are rich in these substances.

» Check out our medicinal weed category, where you can find all kinds of medicinal weed seeds and where it’s explained in minute detail which seeds are too far off-the-scale for your requirements.

Recipe for Making Cannabis Oil

To work! First, grind about 15 grams of weed with a food processor, after which you put the ground weed in a stocking and add an extra stocking. You put the stocking in a jar that you then fill with alcohol. After about 15 minutes of stirring, transfer the alcohol to a baby bottle. You put the baby bottle in turn in a mini deep fryer or a bottle warmer. You heat the deep fryer at the lowest temperature. Then the alcohol evaporates and the cannabis oil remains. When the alcohol has almost evaporated, run the stocking through the alcohol one more time. After this, refill the baby bottle. After a few hours, a sticky substance will remain in the bottle. With the addition of a little olive oil, this substance can be removed from the bottle. Stir well in the baby bottle so that the weed oil dissolves in the olive oil. The cannabis oil is then ready to pour into the pipette bottles.


As you have already read above, you need a number of household items to make cannabis oil. It is an investment, but you can enjoy it for a long time. After this one-off expense of around 70 euros, you have all the necessities to make cannabis oil several times. Below you will find the items that are essential for making cannabis oil.

  • Glass baby bottle
  • Mini deep fryer or bottle warmer
  • Alcohol (> 95%)
  • Olive oil
  • Two empty pipette bottles
  • Stockings (nylon)
  • A glass jar
  • Pipe (aluminum)
  • 15 grams of weed

Make Weed Oil Easily with the Cannolator in 7 Steps

Want to buy a complete package for making weed oil or THC oil without any fuss? Then consider the Cannolator Complete. The cannolator is a special item of equipment that makes producing weed oil with alcohol a piece of cake. This package contains not only the cannolator with all its accessories, but also an air pump and a baby bottle warmer. Apart from your weed, all that’s left for you to buy is the alcohol and you can get started. The step-by-step plan for making weed oil with the cannolator:

  1. You take a quantity of finely ground weed buds or waste cuttings.
  2. You fill the supplied (larger) extraction tube.
  3. You place the extraction tube in the cannolator.
  4. Add 6 x the weight in alcohol.
  5. Switch on the baby bottle warmer and the air pump to evaporate the alcohol.
  6. The paste is ready if after around 2 hours what’s left is a smooth liquid.
  7. Dilute with olive oil or hemp seed oil.

» For a detailed description of making weed oil with the cannolator, you can use this article as a reference.