Sometimes we forget, through our busy lives, to take good care of ourselves. Within our range we therefore offer what we believe to make a positive contribution to a healthy lifestyle. From unique nutritional supplements to super foods and from turmeric capsules to reishi mushrooms. All products are produced and checked with the greatest care. All natural! Experience for yourself what our food supplements add to your life and lifestyle.

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Vitamin B3 100 mg (Proviform) 100 Tablets
CBD Energy Gummies (Dr. Candy) 30 grams
Shilajit Resin (Shilafit) 30 grams
Lion’s Mane [Hericium erinaceus] Organic (Pure Mushrooms) Organic

Starting at 19,95

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Lion's Mane Extract Powder Organic (KAAPA) 30 grams Organic
CBD Capsules Raw (Hemplife) 5% 25 mg 30 caps Discount
CBD + Magnesium Body Cream Cooling 100 mg (Hemplife) 100 ml
Bedtime 5HTP Gummies (Yumi) 60 pieces
Dream Herb [Calea Zacatechichi] (Indian Spirit) 50 grams Best Buy
Lion's Mane Gummies (Mushroom Bakehouse) 200 mg

Starting at 9,95

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CBD Capsules Raw (Wedihemp) 5% 27 mg 60 caps
Lion’s Mane [Hericium erinaceus] Organic (Mushrooms4Life) 60 capsules Organic
CBD Oil Raw (Wedihemp) 10%

Starting at 59,50

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CBD Oil+ (Jacob Hooy) 10% - 25%

Starting at 49,99

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5-HTP (Fit4Seasons) 40 capsules
CBD Oil Raw (Wedihemp) 5% Top Quality

Starting at 29,50

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Herbal Spliff Mix (Indian Elements)

Starting at 7,95

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Cordyceps [Ophiocordyceps sinensis] Organic (Pure Mushrooms) 60 capsules Organic
Aphrodite Mix (Indian Elements) 50 grams
Damiana [Turnera diffusa] (Indian Elements) 60 capsules

Life is already Busy Enough

Life is already busy enough. We rush. Before you know it a day, week or even month has passed. In such busy times the body can use a something extra. Purely for support. We offer you a wide range of healthy nutritional supplements, super foods and healthy herbs that support your lifestyle. With us you have choice from these products:

  • Capsules
  • Oil
  • Candy
  • Ointment
  • Cream
  • E-liquids
  • Pastes
  • Many healthy drinks

All Natural!

We think quality nutritional supplements and healthy herbs are important. Quality and natural products often go hand in hand. Many of our products therefore also have a vegetable, organic origin. For example, the hemp products are made from organic industrial hemp cultivation. With each product is explicitly stated whether it is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Our Gems in the Healthshop

In our healthshop we have a range of products, healthy herbs and super foods. Which are the best? That is completely dependent of what you are looking for. We do have a few preferences. These are our “gems”.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is no longer to be forgotten in the kitchen. Originally turmeric is from Asian cuisine, where we also know it as a yellow root. In Western cuisine we also use it richly in our dishes. Turmeric has a curry-like taste and has a yellow color. You can spice lovely curries with it or enrich other rice dishes. In addition to the taste, turmeric has various health advantages. For example, Turmeric contains quite some antioxidants, potassium, zinc, calcium, iron and various B vitamins. A worthwhile addition to a healthy diet!

2. Reishi and Other Healthy Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are on the rise! One of the best known is the Reishi mushroom (Reishi mushroom). Reishi mushrooms are originally from the Far East, where they are praised for their relaxing qualities. Perfect for body and mind. That is why the Reishi mushroom is also called the “Feel Good Mushroom”. We have Reishi mushrooms in several teas, tinctures and powders!

In addition to Reishi, you will also find Lions Mane and Chaga mushrooms in our assortment. Check out our assortment »

3. Hemp oil

Hemp oil is produced from seeds from industrial hemp plants. The seeds of the hemp plants are full of important proteins and omega fatty acids (such as 3, 6 and 9). You can use hemp oil in the same way as olive oil. For example, fry a piece of meat or fish or use it as a dressing over a salad.

4. Healthy Herbs and Teas

In our health shop you will find an abundance of healthy drinks and herbs. Lovely refreshing teas that add something to a healthy lifestyle as well. From a super simple Golden Latte to a ginger energy boost! Amongst our healthy herbs and teas you will find the brands:

  • Hemp Earth
  • Wedihemp
  • Taka Turmeric
  • Kloster Kitchen
  • FourSigmatic

Hemp Also For the Dog or Cat!

In our healthshop you will not only find products suitable for people. We also have healthy snacks and chew sticks for your beloved pet (dog or cat). Quality ingredients combined with the power of hemp. They are specially produced with the needs and dietary wishes of the dog or cat in mind. In addition, the products are deliciously flavored. Your pet will be grateful!

Why order at the healthshop of Dutch-Headshop?

We offer a very wide range of nutritional supplements for weight loss, more energy and a balanced lifestyle. All supporting and as supplement to a healthy and balanced diet. In addition to our huge choice in healthy products, you also benefit from the advantages:

  • Quick delivery
  • Free shipping above € 15.
  • An excellent service. Our customers rate our web shop with a 9+ (KiyOh).
  • Large assortment with honest product information.

Experience for yourself what Our Healthy Dietary Supplements DO For You!

Interested in our healthy nutritional supplements, healthy herbs or super foods? View our assortment! Everything is pure natural and of high quality. Every product is also provided with honest information. Do you still have questions? Ask them to our customer service! Send a WhatsApp message or an E-mail. And we will reply within two hours (within working hours). Of course you can also call, for an immediate answer.