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You like smoking a joint, and are you looking for accessories to increase your smoking pleasure? The category of smoking supplies is the one for you. Check out which marijuana accessories match your desires and order them at the Dutch-Headshop. From lighters to bongs, the Dutch-Headshop has everything to ensure smoking becomes a real pleasure!

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Torch Lighter (Atomic)
Metal Ashtray (Fire-Flow) 13,5 cm
Tankboy V Flex Torch Lighter (Atomic)
Cones King-Size Pre Rolled Joint Sleeves (Mountain High) 109 mm

Starting at 2,95

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Aluminum Grinder 4 parts (Dutch-Headshop) 50 mm Best Buy
Glass Ashtray - Rainbow (RAW)
Glass Mini Bong for Dabs & Weed (Black Leaf) 2 in 1
Spinning Ashtray - Champagne

Starting at 8,95

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Cones King-Size Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm Best Buy

Starting at 8,95

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Activated Carbon Filters Regular 8 x 35 mm (actiTube) New!

Starting at 1,95

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Tune In Weed Pipe - Olive Wood (actiTube) 12 cm New!
Glass Mini Percolator Bong
Glass Mini Bong | Freaky Bubbles Flask
Tune In Weed Pipe - Briar Wood (actiTube) 12 cm
Cones King-Size Brown Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm

Starting at 9,95

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Metal Weed Ashtray (Best Buds) 140 mm

Starting at 2,50

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Cones King-Size Classic (RAW) 109 mm

Starting at 1,75

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Precision Scale 200 Las Vegas (USA Weigh) 0,01 Best Buy
Lighter Soft Touch (Clipper)
Glass Ice Bong | Cylinder (Black Leaf)

For smoking a nice spliff, marijuana is not the only thing you need. In this category you will find all products for making smoking a lot more pleasant. Some products are even essential to have at home.

Weed Smoking

Smokers, stoners, hippies and ganja farmers want to do just one thing: smoke weed. For some people, smoking cannabis is a really unique experience, while for others it’s a routine pastime. Joints are often smoked with other people. You could say that that’s why it’s called a joint. But ‘joint’ actually means combined weed and tobacco. But whichever way you look at it: everyone goes about smoking weed in their own way and with their own weed accessories. You can find literally all the resources involved in smoking weed or hash in this category. From lighters to ashtrays and from a bong to a weed pipe.

How Should You Smoke Weed?

It’s really easy to answer the question as to how you should smoke weed. Exactly as you please. Smoking pure weed? Smoking weed without tobacco? Smoking hash with a pipe or vaporizer? You can use your wildest imagination or answer the question in your very own way as to how you should smoke weed. Whatever turns you on. In any event, you’ll find all the items here!

Where it’s permissible to smoke weed is a whole other question. Each country has different rules. In the Netherlands, you’re allowed to almost anywhere provided you don’t annoy anyone. It’s often prohibited in busy public places though. And, of course, you’re not always allowed to smoke cannabis indoors. There may be signs saying that it’s not allowed. As to where you are definitely allowed to smoke weed, it’s sensible to always think about it logically and have a good look around. Or just go to a coffee shop. There, luckily, you’re free to smoke hash or weed.

Smoking Weed Without Tobacco

Smoking pure weed is a completely normal thing around the world. But not in the Netherlands. Here, old-fashioned joints with tobacco are still being rolled. But that’s really not healthy! And for that reason, more and more people are opting to smoke weed without tobacco. There’s no need at all to do this by smoking pure weed in a roll-up with a tip. There are many other ways you can smoke pure cannabis. For example, you can vape weed in a vaporizer, or smoke it with a weed pipe, pure pipe or bong. Or even eat it in a space cake or other edibles. You can invent so many ways in which to smoke weed without tobacco. Use your imagination and look for a way that you enjoy. Smoking pure cannabis is really not difficult.

Smoking Pure Weed is...

Smoking pure weed has many advantages. You’ve just learnt about all kinds of ways in which to smoke weed without tobacco, but did you realise also that it has a lot of advantages? Pure weed smoking also has one disadvantage: if you want to continue rolling joints that are just as big as the ones you made with tobacco, you’re going to be seriously out of pocket. But that doesn’t outweigh the following advantages:

  • Smoking pure weed is healthier than joints with tobacco
  • Smoking weed without tobacco is less addictive
  • Tobacco influences the taste of weed so real connoisseurs smoke pure weed
  • Smoking pure weed has no influence on your high, but tobacco does
  • There are all kinds of great ways in which to smoke weed without tobacco

Smoking Hash

Of course, it’s not only weed that gets many people excited. Hash, too, is high on the menu for lots of smokers and stoners. Puffing on hash has a slightly different effect from smoking weed. That partly has to do with the fact that you often smoke hash with tobacco. It’s also possible to vape hash but it requires a certain amount of preparation.

Yet, it also has some advantages: smoking most types of hash makes you less languid and you retain energy. Moreover, hash is much more compact and smells less strong. Thus there are plenty of reasons you can think of as to why smoking hash is better than weed. And the other way round, of course. It’s up to you!

Make Cannabis Smoking More Fun

At a certain point, regular cannabis smoking can become a bore. At least, if you always do it in the same old way. So try out a different method for once. Using a weed pipe or bong, for example. There are lots of options. Check out the following smokers’ requisites. They will add some fun to your cannabis smoking!

Smoking supplies: Essential and pleasant

Smoking supplies may be as important as the joint itself, in some cases. Imagine not having a lighter to light your joint. Suddenly, smoking a joint becomes very difficult. Besides, many smoking supplies provide extra pleasure during smoking. Imagine a delicious water pipe or bong. The importance of smoking supplies should never be underestimated.

Weed Lighters

An essential accessory that you cannot do without for smoking cannabis is a weed lighter.Without a lighter, it is often impossible to smoke a joint outdoors. Lighters come in all shapes and sizes, at relatively low prices. Make sure you always have a lighter with you, so you can enjoy smoking anywhere.

Bongs and water pipes

Products that may be less essential, but do make smoking much more pleasant, are bongs and water pipes. With a bong you cool the smoke before you inhale it, making it softer for your throat. You can also easily smoke pure weed, without addictive tobacco. The Dutch-Headshop has a variety of bongs in its product assortment, each with its own qualities. For example, you can choose between a glass, plastic or metal water pipe. A water pipe is suitable for many kinds of herbs and tobacco, while a bong is principally meant for smoking weed, hashish and dabs.

Take a look at our wide range of acrylic, siicon and glass bongs. You can choose a weed bong or dab bong / dab rig. Each has its own advantages.

A Weed Pipe as Weed Accessory

Besides bongs and waterpipes, there are also special weed pipes available that are extremely suitable for smoking pure marijuana. No need to roll a joint, and still able to enjoy your favorite herbs. The weed pipes are made of stone, wood or metal. Every type of material has its own qualities and advantages. In any case, make sure you maintain and clean your weed pipe with brushes or cleaners. These accessories are of course available at the Dutch-Headshop, as well as the screens or gauzes you need for smoking a weed pipe.

Ashtrays Specially for Weed or Hash Smoking

As a smoker, you naturally want to have a good and functional ashtray at home. You having a nice ashtray at home? Or are you the one being charmed by an ashtray with specific qualities? The Dutch-Headshop offers an extensive choice of different ashtrays. See which one you prefer!

Weed Accessories

You can make good use of all the above weed accessories for smoking weed however you want. But these products are not the only weed accessories you can find in our shop. Explore the rest of our headshop to see which weed accessories you find appealing. Because remember: smoking weed involves rolling a joint. And for that you need a whole load of other weed accessories.


Dabbing is a new way of smoking weed, and is done using a weed pipe or bong. A strong, viscous marijuana extract is heated up, and you then inhale the vapors. A heavy stoned feeling is the result of dabbing. Dabbing is already very popular in the United States, and its popularity in the Netherlands will only increase. This is partly because it is a healthier way of smoking, and it’s effect are stronger than a joint.

Smoking Weed with the Best Brands

Naturally, the best way in which to smoke weed or hash is with weed accessories from the best brands. At Dutch Headshop you will find only good quality items. We represent brands that have a strong presence in the sector. Choose items from the brands shown below and the cannabis smoking can begin:

  • Black
  • Futurola
  • Clipper
  • RAW
  • Tsunami Glass
  • SLX
  • Eject a Bowl
  • ActiTube
  • Colibri
  • Unilite
  • Cannabuds
  • Kulu

Choose your favorite marijuana accessories and make smoking even more fun than it already is!