Supplies for Smoking Weed

You like smoking a joint, and are you looking for accessories to increase your smoking pleasure? The category of smoking supplies is the one for you. Check out which marijuana accessories match your desires and order them at the Dutch-Headshop. From lighters to bongs, the Dutch-Headshop has everything to ensure smoking becomes a real pleasure!

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For smoking a nice spliff, marijuana is not the only thing you need. In this category you will find all products for making smoking a lot more pleasant. Some products are even essential to have at home. 

Smoking supplies: Essential and pleasant

Smoking supplies may be as important as the joint itself, in some cases. Imagine not having a lighter to light your joint. Suddenly, smoking a joint becomes very difficult. Besides, many smoking supplies provide extra pleasure during smoking. Imagine a delicious water pipe or bong. The importance of smoking supplies should never be underestimated.


An accessory that is absolutely essential for smoking a joint, is a lighter. Without a lighter, it is often impossible to smoke a joint outdoors. Lighters come in all shapes and sizes, at relatively low prices. Make sure you always have a lighter with you, so you can enjoy smoking anywhere.

Bongs and water pipes

Products that may be less essential, but do make smoking much more pleasant, are bongs and water pipes. With a water pipe you cool the smoke before you inhale it, making it softer for your throat. You can also easily smoke pure weed, without addictive tobacco. The Dutch-Headshop has a variety of water pipes in its product assortment, each with its own qualities. For example, you can choose between a glass, plastic or metal water pipe. A water pipe is suitable for many kinds of herbs and tobacco, while a bong is principally meant for smoking weed and hashish.

Weed pipes

Besides bongs and waterpipes, there are also special weed pipes available that are extremely suitable for smoking pure marijuana. No need to roll a joint, and still able to enjoy your favorite herbs. The weed pipes are made of stone, wood or metal. Every type of material has its own qualities and advantages. In any case, make sure you maintain and clean your weed pipe with brushes or cleaners. These accessories are of course available at the Dutch-Headshop, as well as the screens or gauzes you need for smoking a weed pipe.


As a smoker, you naturally want to have a good and functional ashtray at home. You having a nice ashtray at home? Or you the one being charmed by an ashtray with specific qualities? The Dutch-Headshop offers an extensive choice of different ashtrays. See which one you prefer!


Dabbing is a new way of smoking weed, and is done using a weed pipe or bong. A strong, viscous marijuana extract is heated up, and you then inhale the vapors. A heavy stoned feeling is the result of dabbing. Dabbing is already very popular in the United States, and its popularity in the Netherlands will only increase. This is partly because it is a healthier way of smoking, and it’s effect are stronger than a joint.


  • Dude (Water pipe)
  • Eject a Bowl (Water pipe)
  • 7 Pipe (Weed Pipe)
  • ActiTube (Weed pipe)
  • Colibri (Lighters)
  • Unilite (Lighters)
  • Cannabuds (Ashtray)
  • Kulu (Ashtray)

Choose your favorite marijuana accessories and make smoking even more fun than it already is! 


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