Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Fast Flower cannabis seeds are ideal for impatient growers who don't like autoflower weed. Get acquainted with a selection of strains with a respectable yield that are ready in no time.
Germination Guarantee
Free Germination Guarantee On all Dutch-Headshop private label seeds.

Fast Flowering weed plants have a flowering period of 7 weeks or shorter. They are ready for harvesting just as quickly as autoflower plants but have a higher yield. And what’s more they need fewer hours of light per day to flower. A sample of our selection of fast flowers:

  • Gorilla Glue (House brand)
  • Honey Cream (RQS)
  • Speedy Chile (RQS)
  • Passion #1 (Dutch Passion)
  • Royal Cheese (RQS)

Please note: Not Autoflower

You mustn’t confuse Fast Flowering weed seeds with autoflowering weed. These weed plants ‘normally’ need a change of light to switch to the flowering phase and thus develop weed buds. In the case of indoor cultivation, you can make this happen by switching the lighting schedule to fewer hours of light. During the growing period, the standard is 16 hours of light per day. After a few weeks of growing, switch to 12 hours of light per day – this makes the weed plant think that it is autumn and the plant starts to flower.

Another technique that works for both small growing cabinets and greenhouses is to give the weed plant 12 hours of light throughout its life cycle. This will make the plant enter its flowering period much sooner, keep it smaller in size and shorten the time to harvest. The downside of this, of course, is that the yield per harvest is reduced but on the other hand you can start growing the next plant all the sooner.

Choose your Lighting Schedule:

  • 12/12 during growth and flowering: ready faster, smaller plants, less trimming, lower costs – but lower yield.
  • 16/8 growth, 12/12 flowering: up to 2 weeks longer, bigger plants (thus more room needed), but higher yield.

Whichever lighting schedule you choose: fast flower weed will flower faster than other weed plants.

High Yield in Rapid Order

Their advantage over autoflowers is that fast flowers can produce a relatively higher yield In the first place. This is because these plants don’t have any ruderalis genetics so they grow bigger and bushier. All fast-flowering weed plants are indica dominant. Therefore you won’t be growing a tree-like sativa at 4 metres, but more likely a compact Christmas tree of up to 2 metres full of sticky resin.

Would you like to know more about these weed seeds? Check out all the information and photos on the product pages. Do you want some tips for growing healthy weed plants? Check out our blog then! You’ll find all kinds of information there about germination, growing techniques, leaf problems, plant food and a whole lot more.