Natural Skincare with CBD

Proper care of your skin is highly important. Here you will find all products that contribute to a healthy and radiant skin. CBD ointments and creams form the largest part of the products in this category. But don't forget the lip balm or skin oil. You can find a suitable product for every skin type, of course. See which products are of added value for your skin.

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CBD + Magnesium Body Cream Extra 1000 mg (Hemplife) 100 ml New!
CBD cream (Jacob Hooy) 50ml
Rescue CBD Skin Balm (Hemptouch) 50 ml
Balancing Face Cream (Hemptouch) 50 ml
Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo (Hemptouch) 250 ml
Soothing CBD Skin Balm (Hemptouch) 50 ml
Lip Balm (Hemptouch) 4,5 ml
Nurturing Face Cream (Hemptouch) 50 ml
Purifying Face Cleanser (Hemptouch) 100 ml
CBD Skin Oil (Jacob Hooy) 100 ml
CBD Soap (Jacob Hooy) 120ml
CBD Lip balm (Jacob Hooy)
CBD + Magnesium Body Cream Cooling 100 mg (Hemplife) 100 ml New!

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Skin care with CBD is [nowadays] an essential part of the world of cosmetics. There is a great need for healthy and even skin and CBD products are an excellent help in meeting that need. In the CBD Skin Care category you will find all products that make your skin radiant again.

Natural Skin care

Many natural skin care products have the same basic function; moisturising, keeping the skin elastic and caring for it. Whether you have difficult, dry or very healthy skin; CBD skincare can help. The products in this category are diverse. This category contains many CBD ointments and creams, but there is also lip balm, shampoo or skin oil available, for example. Meet the brands that stand for high quality cosmetics with CBD.

CBD Ointment and cream

CBD ointment and cream provide several unique properties compared to normal ointments. CBD ointment contains the active cannabinoids CBD and CBDA. These two substances have a beneficial effect on the health, and are quickly absorbed by the skin. Next to CBD and CBDA, CBD ointments and creams are also made of completely natural ingredients such as hemp seed oil, beeswax, wool fat and mullein. Thanks to the absence of herbicides and pesticides, all ointments and creams are 100% natural.


As mentioned earlier, the active components CBD and CBDA are an important component in the ointment. CBD and CBDA are plant substances coming from the hemp plant. They have a beneficial effect on our body's endocannabinoid system. CBD (A) contains only healthy components of the hemp plant. No product in this category induces psychoactive effects. The psychoactive substance THC is not present in these products.

Difference between CBD ointment and CBD cream

Although CBD ointment and CBD cream look very similar, there are also differences. Ointments contain only fats and no water. CBD ointment has a high concentration of fats, with a percentage of 60%. In contrast to CBD ointments, CBD creams do contain water. In general, water combined with a little bit of fat is the used formula for CBD creams.

Usage instructions CBD ointment and cream

All CBD ointments and creams are easy to use. Most products can be lightly applied to the skin and massaged into the skin manually. The ointment then automatically gets into the skin. It is not necessary to apply thick layers of ointment onto the skin. A thin layer is enough for having the natural ingredients in the ointment do their work. Ointments or creams can be used several times a day. It is not always necessary to use the ointment several times a day. For some people, one time a day is enough for good results. The dosage can therefore differ per person.

Verified quality

Quality is a measurable concept. The producers of our delicious and fair CBD product are also aware of that. Therefore, quality is ensured through quality control analyses. This way, you know exactly which and how much cannabinoids your CBD oil contains. Simply order the very best CBD skin care products at the Dutch-Headshop.