Buying marijuana seeds? Whether you are looking for White Widow or Lowryder seeds, you are at the right place here. Top labels such as Dutch Passion and CBD Crew allow you to germinate the best marijuana seeds yourself.

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The best cannabis seeds are of course available at the Dutch-Headshop. Unique to our assortment of cannabis seeds is that all seeds are feminized. Our ladies ensure more active substances such as THC and CBD; whether you opt for medicinal cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds or a pure Indica or Sativa.

Marijuana seeds to your liking

The cannabis seeds come from different sorts of cannabis plants, all with their own, different characteristics. The house label seeds are, to our opinion, the best seeds of various breeders. We like them so much we have given our name to these cannabis seeds. High quality cannabis seeds, without expensive marketing. Some say you a Sativa plant makes you high and an Indica plant stoned. But that is too simple a thought.

For example, most of the strains are so-called hybrid plants. This means the plant is a crossing of different species. You won't always get stoned from an Indica. An Indica dominant hybrid such as the feminized Blueberry Autoflower, for example, is known for its stimulating and energetic effects.

The best cannabis seeds

Buying cannabis seeds of the best seed banks? That's possible in our brand new Seed shop. Some of our best producers:

Cup Winners

Important prizes are awarded for the best cannabis seeds. For example, a weed seed can be commended because it contains a phenomenal amount of CBD, or because the weed simply tastes fantastic in a vaporizer. We do our best to keep up to date with the most popular cannabis cups.

  • High Life Cannabis Cup
  • Spannabis Cup
  • High Times Cannabis Cup
  • Sask Prairie Cup
  • Lift Expo Canada
  • Karma Cup

You can recognise cup winners on our website by the yellow label on the product’s photo. We have a special category in which you can see all the cup winners.

Feminised Weed Seeds

All seeds in our store are female seeds. Furthermore, the autoflower seeds and seeds for outdoor cultivation are also very popular. We only sell high quality cannabis seeds of the best European cannabis growers. Our seeds are therefore extremely popular among medical users and hobby growers. We sell more than 500 types of cannabis seeds. If the type or strain you would like to grow is not available in our web shop, please contact us.

Your future marijuana plant

Seeds for high yields, cannabis seeds suitable for starting growers or marijuana seeds with a long flowering time. In any case, we have your future cannabis plant. Use the filters on the left side of the seed shop to set your preferences. This allows you to easily order cannabis seeds online at the Dutch-Headshop.

Cannabis Cultivation - Indoors or Outdoors?

In principle all weed is suitable for indoor growing but not every weed type is suitable for growing outdoors. Some plants can reach up to 3 metres in height. And who’s got a growing cabinet or living room which is 3 metres high? Admittedly though, a weed plant on the windowsill won’t get that big. If you want to cultivate indoor cannabis with a high yield, you need artificial light.

We would recommend that you grow autoflower plants indoors. These are cannabis plants which flower by themselves when mature enough. Other weed plants will need the light to be changed. They ‘see’ the days getting shorter and then flower. Autoflowers also stay smaller in size which often makes them a perfect fit for a compact growing cabinet like the MiniGrow Box.

Most Sativa weed seeds develop into plants which are higher than Indica weed plants, but hybrids (crosses between Indica and Sativa) are by far the best for outdoor cultivation. These plants have the best characteristics of both Indica and Sativa - higher yield, slightly smaller in size, fuller and better able to resist the cold, mould and vermin in the Netherlands. And those are vital characteristics for outdoor cultivation! That’s why we have taken these factors into account in our weed seeds for outdoor cultivation category.


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