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Are you looking for the best weed seeds with pure, original genetics? Had enough of phoney, imitation strains? Then at Paradise Seeds you have come to the right address. Here you’ll find powerful hybrids of the best strains for indoor and outdoor cultivation. All organically produced. Famous Cup Winners like Wappa, Sensi Star, Auto Jack and a whole lot more: Paradise Seeds!

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Paradise Seeds has weed seeds which are renowned for being some of the best on the market. That is because the seed bank only hybridizes and sells original strains. You won’t find any clones or the umpteenth White Widow here but only genuine weed seeds with pure genetics. That’s why you know what you are buying at Paradise. This Amsterdam brand is renowned for its seeds producing plants that do exactly what they promise. Ready for the real thing? Choose Paradise Seeds.

Only The Best Weed Seeds by Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds has been busy cultivating weed ever since the start of the 1980s. Its goal: to select and produce the best weed seeds with the best genetics. The range consists of hybrids from all kinds of powerful cannabis strains and own names. All pure, continuously developed genetics with which you can cultivate the best weed plants. From autoflowers to medicinal strains or simply feminised: you’ll find them all at Paradise Seeds. That’s also the reason the best cannabis growers in the world are fans of this Amsterdam Seed Bank.

All the information that you read and see about Paradise Seeds is consistent. You too can therefore expect that your plant will look virtually the same. It goes without saying, that you have to look after it properly. But the fact that you can be assured of original genetics means you know what you’re buying. Are you buying a Cup Winner? If so, then the genetics of the seed are exactly the same as those used during the competitions.

Paradise Seeds Cup Winners and other Gems

Since 1999, strains developed by Paradise Seeds have been awarded over 25 cups in a number of competitions. Take, for example, the well-known strains of Auto Jack, Wappa and Sensi Star. The last-mentioned one was crowned Plant of The Year in 2003 by High Times. The best potency, the best taste and the best yield. In short: you can find the best weed seeds at Paradise Seeds. Some of the renowned varieties in our range:

  • Auto Jack
  • Auto Kong 4
  • Blue Kush Berry
  • Sensi Star
  • Wappa

Want to know more about these weed seeds? Check out all the information and photos on the product pages.

Cultivating Weed Indoors and Outdoors

You get the feeling with many seed banks that it’s up to you to figure out where best to cultivate the plant. Indoor cultivation? Outdoor cultivation? Many seed banks say that it makes no difference. Paradise Seeds has a different opinion about that. Many strains do much better if grown indoors rather than outdoors, or vice versa. Paradise knows what’s what and therefore indicates where best to grow each seed. Are you looking for the perfect seed for indoor growing? Or the right seeds for outdoors? Seek and ye shall find!

Guaranteed to Germinate and Grow

All the weed seeds in the Paradise Seeds range are produced organically and contain sufficient trace elements to make a good start in the soil. On its website, the seed bank states that germinating the weed seeds should be a walk in the park. Paradise actually guarantees a germination probability of 95%. Provided the weed seeds are germinated in the correct way. Most Paradise Seeds strains are available with us in packets of 3 seeds and you can therefore expect them to produce 3 great plants.

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