What Helps to get over the Mid-week Blues or a Hangover?

You will find everything to promote recovery after a party or festival in this category. Recovery can often be a bad experience and may last for days. One way out of these situations is anti-hangover remedies. Have you had too much to drink or taken too many drugs? Have a look and see what can help you get back on your feet again.

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What helps to get over a hangover?

We’ve all suffered from it: a bad hangover after a party or festival. These are the moments when you feel really miserable and don’t know where to turn. In these situations, you often hear it being said, ‘I’m never drinking again’, or ‘I won’t take drugs ever again’. But most of all, at that moment you want to know what can help with a hangover? You can, of course, just wait for the hangover to clear but if you have important things to do, it’s useful if you can take something to relieve your hangover. And we are the ones who can help you to recover. Our products have properties which can counter a hangover step-by-step in various ways.

Mid-week blues

The most commonly known hangover after using drugs or smart drugs is the mid-week blues. The mid-week blues happen after a party or festival at which you release extra serotonin due to drug use. In the days after the festival though the reserve of serotonin is exhausted, making you feel down or depressed. Naturally, we have products to top up the serotonin reserve again. In particular you can top up your serotonin by swallowing 5-HTP but magnesium too can help to return your mood to its normal level. The mid-week blues are no fun at all but the good thing is that you can do something about it yourself. Read about it in our extensive blog on the mid-week blues.

Remedies for the Mid-week Blues

As well as 5-HTP and magnesium, there are a good number of products which are highly suitable for a hangover or mid-week blues. Take our Nootropics, for example. Omnimind or study pill can enhance your concentration and focus when you have to work or learn during a hangover or mid-week blues. But Meladol can also prove valuable if you have difficulty sleeping in the days after a festival. The Tripsitter can even completely prevent the mid-week blues, while the Trip Stopper can help you get out of a bad trip.

Completely legal

We attach great importance to the responsible use of legal smart drugs. We also know, however, that a load of illegal substances are used at parties and festivals. Especially for that reason, we have fully legal supplements which don’t let the party beast in you stay chained up. Help yourself to get rid of your hangover quickly and next weekend you can start all over again.