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You can find all products in relation to the use of cannabis, weed and hashish in the online headshop. Order anything from vaporizers to marijuana pipes, but also marijuana oil and rolling papers easily from your comfortable couch.

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The incredible range of smoking accessories in our Headshop is completely focused on smoking and vaping of cannabis, marijuana, hash, herbs or simply tobacco. We are committed to remain the most customer-focused Headshop of the Netherlands; after all, for a good reason we are called the Dutch-Headshop! All products related to the use cannabis, marijuana and hash at a single spot:

  • Joint rollers, cones, long rolling papers and tips
  • Zipper bags, grinders and ashtrays
  • Water pipes, Marijuana pipes, Vaporizers and accessories
  • High-end storage from Kavatza and TightVac

The rise of the Headshop

Different generations have been able to see their rise an fall. Subcultures. In the 1960s and 1970s we have seen the rise of the anti-establishment culture. With corner stones such as free love, metaphysics and exploration of alternative states of consciousness, they were part of a liberal youth movement. The anti-establishment movement was armed with nothing but love and friendship, and Headshops had an important role in this movement.

What is a Headshop?

Nowadays, the Headshop has become part of common culture thanks to the gradual normalization of cannabis. Although the term "Headshop" is still used today, the word itself appeared more than 50 years ago. At the end of the sixties, the word "head" was put behind various nouns to show you were a fan of a particular subject, object or band. Think of "petrolhead" - lover of (sports) cars or "deadhead" fan of The Grateful Dead.

History of Headshops

The anti-establishment infiltrated larger cities such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco in the sixties. During this period, independently operated candle and music stores began to respond to the growing hippie community.

There is some discussion which shop should have the title of very first American Headshop. Many say The Psychedelic Shop, opened in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district in 1966, was the very first American Headshop. Others are of the opinion that a small boutique in Denton, Texas opened its doors two years earlier as the first real Headshop with the catchy name: "The Shrunken Head".

The idea behind the shops was to provide hippies with supplies to experience a magical time. It was a safe place where people with many different philosophies could come together to discuss.

The Headshop today

Fortunately, Headshops are still there and it seems unlikely they will disappear. As for ourselves, we certainly intend to continue, with the sharpest prices. Headshops sell accessories related to drug and tobacco use. Headshops never sell the drugs themselves; so we don't sell them either.

Some of the gold labels in the Headshop are undoubtedly:

  • Kavatza's luxurious wooden storage boxes
  • Storz & Bickel - The Rolls-Royce amongst the vaporizers
  • Futurola - Rolling a joint has never been so easy
  • Air-tight storage with TightVac

Everything for cannabis and hash

Some Headshops sell incense, crystals and psychedelic arts and crafts. At Dutch-Headshop we assume that marijuana smoking starts with a grinder and ends in the ashtray. Whether you are looking for a clear high or a blazing couch lock, at Dutch-Headshop you are at the right place.