Make Concentrates and Weed Dabs

Are you interested in trying something new for a change? A bit bored with ordinary weed smoking? Why not make your own dabs! You’ll be able to make your own THC-rich weed extracts with the products in this category. Whether it’s a case of Rosin, BHO, Weed Oil, Ice-O-Lator, Weed Wax, Shatter or some other kind of cannabis concentrate. Here you’ll find everything you need to set to work in a safe and professional manner.

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Rosin Press | Qnubu Kompact 2.0 (Qnubu) 600 KG Top Quality
DabStation | Silicone Tray for Dabbing (Qnubu)
Rosin Press Bags 11 x 5 cm (Qnubu) 10 pieces

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Queen Bee Extractor
Butane Gas Zero Impurities (Black Leaf) 300 ml Top Quality
PTFE Film for making Hash Oil (Black Leaf)
Gas for Making Hash Oil | Dimethyl Ether (Dexso) 500 ml
Rosin Bags | Filter Bags 11 x 5 cm (Black Leaf) 10 pieces

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Roll Parchment Papers for Dabbing (RAW) 10 meters
Parchment Papers for Dabbing (RAW) 100 pieces
Silicone Storage Container / Oil Jar (Black Leaf) 10 ml
Cannolator Cannabis Extractor Complete - Making Cannabis Oil (Medi-Wiet)
Cannolator Cannabis Extractor Basic - Making Cannabis Oil (Medi-Wiet)
Bubbleator B-Quick Incl. Ice-O-Lator Bags Top Quality
Ice-O-Lator Bags | Set 3 Bags (Pollinator) Top Quality
Carb Cap Dabber Mini Titanium T2 (Black Leaf)
Oil Extractor Metal (Black Leaf)
Kief Box | Hash Sifter Box (Black Leaf)

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Honey Bee Extractor

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Dabbing is growing in popularity. It’s no longer confined to just the USA. More and more people are starting to dab in Europe as well. The good news: it’s a lot easier than you might think. We have all the things you need ready and waiting for you to make pure and high-quality dabs for yourself.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is smoking a very strong weed concentrate. By using various extraction processes, several different types of dabs can be made. Do you want to opt for THC-rich weed as the raw material? In that case the THC percentages of these extracts will be between 50 and 80%. You can smoke the dabs with a dab rig / dab bong, special weed pipe or a vape pen. The advantage of dabbing is that you get more heavily stoned and faster than you do with normal cannabis use. Moreover, dabs are smoked in pure form and often contain no additives which makes them a less unhealthy alternative to smoking a joint.

The different types of dabs are: Rosin, BHO (Shatter & Crumble), Weed Wax, Weed Oil and Ice-O-Lator. Below you can find specifications for each type,s along with what you need to make the extract yourself.

Making Weed Oil (up to 10% THC)

Weed oil is extremely popular. You can make it as strong as you wish. Apart from the fact that people use it to get stoned or high, medicinal users of weed oil also greatly benefit from it. Unfortunately, this cannabis extract is illegal and cannot be purchased. But what you can do is make it yourself. Requirements for making weed oil:

  • Cannolator Complete

The Cannolator Complete has everything you need to make top-quality weed oil by hand yourself. All you have to arrange is the THC-rich plant material itself. The THC percentage in weed oil is between 2 and 10%. What this depends on is the concentration of THC present in the plant material and the density of the extract. You don’t have much control over the latter when making weed oil but it is really simple to produce.

Making Rosin (60-75% THC)

Rosin is a cannabis extract that is made by pressing weed or hash with a rosin press. This involves a lot of pressure and heat. Only in this way can the extraction process go well. Rosin is one of the easiest type of dabs to make. It can be ready in just a few minutes and the concentrate will contain between 60 and 75% THC. The requirements:

  • Rosin Press
  • Parchment paper
  • Dabber
  • Rosin Bags (optional)

Making Ice-O-Lator (<80% THC)

Ice-O-Lator is an extremely THC-rich hash. It’s also known as ice hash and you make it using a special extraction method. Making Ice-O-Lator hash does take more effort but the end result is worth the trouble. Ice hash can contain up to 80% THC. The requirements for Ice-O-Lator:

  • Bubbleator + Hash Press


  • Ice-O-Lator Bags & Hash Press
  • Ice water

Making BHO & Hash Oil (~80% THC)

BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is an extract that is commonly made. You can make BHO by means of an oil extractor. By filling the extractor with plant material with a THC content and then extracting it with butane gas for example, you can make dabs with an average THC content of 80%. You can also make Shatter and Crumble with BHO. It’s additionally important when using this production process that you work in a safe way because the propellant can explode or remain left in the extract. The requirements for making BHO and Hash Oil:

  • Oil Extractor (Queen Bee, Honey Bee, or Metal Oil Extractor)
  • Butane gas
  • Silicon Scales
  • Dabber

You can also make an even purer form of BHO by using dimethylether in place of butane gas. To do this you need a metal oil extractor and Teflon foil which can, of course, be found in this category.

Making Weed Wax (up to 90% THC)

Weed Wax is very similar to shatter, crumble or BHO. But the production process differs somewhat. The big difference is that you extract with alcohol in place of propellant. Moreover, you can make weed wax at home with household, kitchen or gardening items. The things you need which can be bought from us are a hash sieve and dabbers. In addition, you need alcohol that is suitable for consumption, freezer bags, filters, kitchen scales and a glass jar.

Making CBD Dabs

It goes without saying that you can also use CBD-rich weed or hemp as raw material for your concentrates. If the percentage of CBD in the weed is 15% or more, then you can replace the THC percentages mentioned with CBD percentages. Does your weed contain a mixture of THC and CBD? In that case, the total concentration of cannabinoids is approximately equal to the percentages mentioned.