Strongest Extracts of, among others, Kanna, Kratom & Damiana

Want to experience how powerful nature can be? Then check out our selection of the strongest extracts. Kanna extract that is forty times stronger or kratom that makes you bounce? You'll find it here!

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Kratom Extract Liquid Gold (Jetpackkratom)

Starting at 69,00

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Kratom Powder | Enhanced Leaf (Jetpackkratom)

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Kratom Extract 25X Red Vein (Indian Spirit) 5 grams
Kratom Extract 25X Green Vein (Indian Spirit) 5 grams
African Dream Herb Extract 50x [Entada Rheedii] (Indian Spirit) 3 gram
Syrian Rue Extract 10x [Peganum harmala] 1 gram
Damiana Extract 20X [Turnera Diffusa] 5 grams
Absinthe (Wormwood) Extract 10x (Mystic Herbs) 5 grams
Wild Dagga Extract 20X [Leonotis leonorus] (Indian Spirit) 5 grams
Blue Lotus Extract 20X [Nymphaea caerulea] (Indian Spirit) 3 grams
Damiana Extract 10X [Turnera diffusa] (Mystic Herbs) 4 gram
Wild Dagga Extract 20X [Leonotis leonorus] (Mystic Herbs) 1 gram
Wild Lettuce Extract 50x [Lactuca virosa] (Mystic Herbs) 2,5 grams
Kratom Capsules Gold (Jetpackkratom) 80 mg Top Quality

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Kanna Extract 40X (Mystic Herbs) 1 gram

Herbs can have an incredibly powerful effect on your body. Let alone when you concentrate them! We have also included a super potent extract of your favorite herbs in our collection. Especially for the people who just can't get it strong enough.

Strong Herbs Extracts

In this selection of herbal extracts, the amount of active substances is many times higher than in the herb itself. The substances are extracted and added to the extract in multiples. The result? The effects of the herbs become much more intense. If for example kanna, kratom or damiana are a bit too light for you, you can try an extract. There are extracts in all degrees, from 10 times as concentrated to 80 times as concentrated. On this page you will find the real powerhouses. The strongest extracts out there!

Kanna Extract

Kanna is a herb that can improve your mood. It is effective against anxiety and stress, has a calming effect and suppresses a feeling of hunger. In higher doses, a euphoric feeling of connection may occur. If you take a Kanna Extract 40x, the effects of this social smart drug are only intensified. A medium dose can leave you feeling euphoric right away. You are immediately comfortable after the first dose.

The Strongest Kratom

There are a variety of kratom products on the market. But what is the strongest kratom? the herb can be energizing in lower doses. You get an energy boost that can last you several hours. In higher doses kratom has a calming and soothing effect. The calming effect is often caused by alkaloids. Each type of kratom contains a different alkaloid, so the effect will be different. The most important active substance is mitragynine. This gives you an enormous dose of energy. The Jetpackkratom Gold line consists of products in which the concentration of mitragynine is many times higher than in the herb itself. Just a small amount will give you a strong energy boost. Then there is Enhanced Leaf. This is the strongest kind of kratom (Maeng Da), supplemented with a large dose of mitragynine. Want to blast off on kratom? Then these are the strongest kratom products to try.

Salvia Extract

Salvia is a different smartdrug. It belongs in a class of its own because the trip cannot be compared to any other drug. Many people find it somewhat similar to psychedelics, but this type of drug does not work on the same receptors as salvia. It doesn't give you a feeling of cheerfulness or bliss, although you can expect a laughing fit. An experience can be very intense and strong. Let alone when you take a salvia extract. Salvia extracts can be found in all sorts of strengths. We recommend that you try the normal herb first, before moving on to an extract. Take this stuff seriously and make sure a tripsitter is present!

Damiana Extract

Damiana is popular because you can compare it with many things. It is commonly used in combination with cannabis because it has a similar relaxing effect. It is also used as an aphrodisiac because it can increase your libido. However, everyone reacts differently to herbs and therefore normal damiana is sometimes a bit too light. Let us now present you with an extra strong damiana extract that makes the effect ten times stronger. This stuff will take your bedroom performance and the effect of your joint to another level: Damiana Extract 10x.