Dabbing & Dab Rigs

Immensely popular in the United States and gaining popularity in the Netherlands: Dabbing! According to many experts, this is the future of smoking weed. The Dutch-Headshop naturally responds to this by introducing a category with all kinds of dabbing products. An experience you cannot miss as a cannabis lover. Check out which products you need!

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Rosin Press | Qnubu Kompact 2.0 (Qnubu) 600 KG Top Quality
Glass Weed & Dab Bong Ice (Black Leaf) 2 in 1
Bong Bowl | Active Charcoal Adapter (actiTube)

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Heisenberg Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Kawum) 14 cm
Utillian 5 V3 Vape Pen Top Quality
Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Black Leaf) 12 cm
Glass Weed & Dab Bong | Recycler Perco (Black Leaf)
Glass Mini Bong for Dabs & Weed (Black Leaf) 2 in 1
Dabbing Nail All-in-One Starter Set
Glass Recycler Mini Bong (Black Leaf) 2 in 1
Storm Lighter | Double Jet (Easy Torch)
Linx Hypnos Zero Vape Pen
Dabber Titanium T2 (Black Leaf)
Carb Cap Dabber Mini Titanium T2 (Black Leaf)
Gas Lighter | Jet Lighter (Unilite)

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Dabbing Nail Titanium T2 (Black Leaf) Universal
Storm Lighter Black | V-Fire (Easy Torch)
Torch lighter (Zorr)
Silicone Storage Container / Oil Jar (Black Leaf) 10 ml
Degummed Hemp Fibre / Vape Wool (Black Leaf)

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For any products related to dabbing, go to this new category. A new way of smoking cannabis is best experienced with the quality products of the Dutch-Headshop, of course!

Dabbing is the Future

The future of smoking marijuana is also called: Dabbing! Dabbing, unlike in the United States, is still rather uncommon in the Netherlands, but it is gaining popularity. Although it is not so common yet in the Netherlands, the expectation is dabbing will experience a strong development. Increasingly, cannabis lovers want to try out dabbing and experience the associated effects. It will not be long until dabbing becomes a sensation in the Netherlands.

What is dabbing?

Whether dabbing will grow into a popular activity, seems to be a question of time, but what is it really? Dabbing is smoking a strong cannabis extract with a cannabis pipe or a special bong. The extract is heated with a lighter. Inhaling vapors is done by taking a good hit from the cannabis pipe or bong. A few seconds later, you will experience a pretty stoned or high feeling, depending on the strain being used.

Healthier alternative

Besides getting very high or the heavily stoned feeling you experience, there is another good reason to start with dabbing. Dabbing is a much healthier alternative to smoking a joint. It is one of the reasons why dabbing in the US is immensely popular. In case of dabbing you inhale less plant material, compared to smoking a joint. This means less harmful substances enter your body. In America, dabbing is seen as the ideal way to consume cannabis.

Types of dabs

Dabs or cannabis concentrates are available in many different types. You can choose from a range of formula's and flavors. Shown and explained below are the most famous and most popular types of dabs.

  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Rosin

Shatter is a hard and glassy concentrate you need to melt before smoking it. For one slice of shatter, you need a fair amount of marijuana. For a good reason, shatter has a THC concentration of between 70 and 90%!

Wax has a lower THC level (50 - 80%) in comparison to shatter, and is softer. It has a yellow-gold like color and it somewhat resembles clay.

Rosin is a cannabis extract where dried buds are heated and pressed. The resin that is then formed is used for dabbing. Rosin has a THC percentage of 60% or higher.

Using Dabs

If you're going to dab, take into account that the effect of dabbing is stronger compared to smoking a spliff. Novice dabbers can best use Wax. Wax is a bit milder than shatter, for example. Furthermore, dosing is extremely important. Start with one or two puffs for a nice, but not too intense effect. Finally, make sure you dab on your day off or in the evening hours. It could be you will not be able to function properly at school or work.

Oil Rigs

Oil Rigs, also called Bongs, are specially made cannabis pipes for dabs. A good Oil Rig is essential for optimal enjoyment of your dab. Furthermore, evaporating with a Bong is healthier. The Dutch-Headshop has several Oil Rigs in its product assortment. Check out which Bong you prefer to smoke your dab with.