Smoking Paper | Blue, Gold, Brown & More

The best long rolling papers? From Smoking Paper of course! Here you will find all varieties. Smoking Blue, Gold, Brown and others. Buy Smoking paper in boxes or packs here.

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Smoking Gold Rolling Papers | King-Size Slim

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Smoking Brown Rolling Papers Unbleached | King-Size Slim

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Smoking Blue Papers | King-Size

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Wide Filter Tips / Roaches King-Size (Smoking)

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Smoking Deluxe Rolling Papers | King-Size Slim

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Smoking Thinnest Papers | King-Size Slim

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Smoking Brown Thinnest Papers | King-Size Slim

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Smoking Red Rolling Papers | King-Size

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This is unquestionably the brand that can be seen the most in European stores. At least, when it comes to long rolling paper. Smoking Papers are sold everywhere. You can't avoid it and for good reason. Here's why you should buy a box of long rolling papers.

Long Smoking Rolling Paper

If you're looking for a brand that specializes in making long rolling papers, you should go for Smoking Paper. The Spanish brand has been making rolling papers since 1879. Recently, they have expanded the collection to include other smoking supplies. When you make only one product for 140 years, you can say that you are a specialist. Long Smoking rolling papers are therefore considered to be among the best in the world. All products are made of FSC approved paper. The paper has special watermarks, making it burn extra long. Most types have a weight of 13 grams per square meter. Also, each product is free of chlorine and other chemicals. The adhesive edge is even made of 100% natural gum. A conscious smoker? With Smoking papers you're on the right track!

Smoking Rolling paper Differences

There are different kinds of Smoking papers. Each type is marked with a colour. Many smokers know Smoking Gold and Smoking Blue papers, but what is the difference between these products? It's good to know when you want to buy a box of long smoking papers. To help you find your way around the Smoking Paper collection, we list the most important differences.

Smoking Blue Rolling paper

If you want to roll big joints choose Smoking Blue papers. The rolling papers are slightly larger than King-Size. This makes it the widest Smoking Paper (108 x 55 mm). Therefore you can use most tobacco, weed or hash in it. Especially if you want to smoke inside-out, Smoking Blue paper is an excellent choice. You have enough paper to tear off a part of it.

Smoking Red rolling paper

Smoking Red paper is actually the same as Smoking Blue, only you get the original King-Size size of 108 x 52 mm. Do you want a nice and wide smoking paper without any further ado? Smoking Red is the best choice.

Smoking Gold rolling paper

Don't need wide rolling papers? Then Smoking Gold papers are probably big enough for you. With a King-Size Slim size of 108 x 44 mm, this paper is nice and narrow. This is one of the best-selling products in our collection!

Smoking Brown rolling paper

Do you prefer brown and unbleached rolling papers? Completely natural smoking? Then go for Smoking Brown rolling papers. It has a King-Size Slim size like Smoking Gold and is therefore nice and narrow. But the most important thing is that this rolling paper is unbleached and free of any dyes. Smoking Brown has the brown color that it should have!

Smoking Thinnest

Some people want to smoke as little rolling paper as possible. Rolling paper, in fact, affect the flavour of the smoke. Therefore you cannot only choose a King-Size Slim format. You can also choose a thinner paper with Smoking Thinnest. Instead of 13 g/m2 (weight of most Smoking Paper varieties), Smoking Thinnest weighs only 10 g/m2. So you smoke 25% less paper per joint or cigarette. In addition, the paper is nice and narrow (King-Size Slim). Despite the thin papers, they are very firm.

Smoking Thinnest is now also available as unbleached paper. Beautiful brown colour and extra thin. 100% natural. 100% flavour.

Smoking Deluxe

King-Size Slim rolling papers that burn extra slowly and stick better? Smoking Deluxe rolling papers are number one. Special watermarks make it possible to enjoy your joint longer. Also, the natural gum seals better on it. Want a better performance? Choose Deluxe papers from Smoking Paper.

Buy Box of Long rolling paper from Smoking

All kinds can be bought here. You can choose between single packs, or buy a whole box of long Smoking papers. The advantage of a whole box? First of all you will never run out of rolling papers again. How annoying is it to want to roll a joint after a long day at work, but your package of rolling papers is finished? That's another trip to the nearest coffee shop. Another and perhaps the most important reason for buying a box of long Smoking papers is the difference in price. There are often 50 packs in a box. If you were to buy them all separately, you would often end up 30 to 40% more expensive. With a box of Smoking Paper you are not only assured of having rolling paper at home. It is also better for your wallet. But also for the environment. The less parcels are delivered, the better!