ROOT!T for fast healthy roots

Root!t's innovative products are designed to promote healthy root growth and facilitate a strong start for cannabis plants.

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Natural Rooting Sponges (ROOT!T) 50 pcs

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A Flying Start for Weed Plants with ROOT!T

A good start is half the battle! Nothing could be further from the truth, of course, especially when it comes to growing cannabis plants. Root!t has everything you need for a quick start to root formation and healthy cuttings. Root!t helps your cannabis plants get an optimal start.

Stimulate healthy root growth

Root!t helps cannabis growers encourage healthy root growth. This is critical for growing strong cannabis plants. Thanks to innovative tools such as root sponges, rooting gels and pre-growth kits, Root!t is the go-to choice for every cannabis grower. These high-quality and effective products stimulate the root development of your cuttings and ensure a successful and thriving grow.

ROOT!T for cannabis plants

Root Sponges: Root!t root sponges are perfect for growing cuttings and seedlings. They combine peat and bark for optimal airiness and moisture retention, essential for healthy root growth. In addition, they are biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly.

Rooting Gel:Root!t's rooting gel accelerates root formation in cuttings. The blend of hormones and nutrients supports new roots, protects against desiccation and prevents infections, leading to a higher success rate and faster root development.

Complete Pregrowth Kit: Root!t's Complete Pregrowth Kit provides an all-in-one solution for growing young plants. The kit includes root sponges, rooting gel and a propagator that regulates humidity and temperature. Essential for successful germination and strong root growth.

Why choose ROOT!T

Produced in England, Root!t's product range is at the forefront of creating effective and user-friendly products for cannabis growers. Suitable for everyone! Are you going to plant a cannabis seed for the first time? Or do you already have years of experience? ROOT!T is the reliable choice for a strong and healthy start for your cannabis plants.

Frequently asked questions about root problems in cannabis plants

  • How to recognize root rot in cannabis plants? Healthy roots have a milky white color and are odorless. In contrast, in the case of root rot, the roots show a brown, slimy and moist appearance, indicating their poor condition. In addition, they emit an unpleasant, putrid odor.
  • Can root rot be cured? Root rot is easily treated with soil conditioners, such as rooting gel. These products help the plant recover through the soil. Want to start right away? Then choose root sponges.
  • How do I prevent root rot? Always choose good, airy potting soil. Airy soil allows your plants to absorb more oxygen, which helps prevent root rot. It also allows excess water to drain more easily.