Ayahuasca Ceremony & DMT Herbs

DMT is also called "The Spirit Molecule". A powerful psychedelic brings you new insights. DMT is present in nature in different concentrations, and is one of the active substances in Ayahuasca. Order premium quality products at Dutch Headshop. This is the shaman's category. Welcome to Ayahuasca and DMT.

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Cebil [Anadenanthera colubrina] (Indian Spirit) 20 seeds
Red Virola Bark [Virola theidora] (Indian Spirit) 50 grams New!
Banisteriopsis Caapi Ourinhos cut (Indian Spirit) 50 grams
Banisteriopsis Caapi Trueno Shredded (Indian Elements) 50 grams
Yopo [Anadenanthera Peregrina] (Mystic Seeds) 15 seeds
Chacruna Leaves [Psychotria Viridis] (Indian Spirit) 25 grams
Chaliponga Leaves [Diplopterys cabrerana] 20 grams
Syrian Rue Extract 10x [Peganum harmala] 1 gram
Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Black Leaf) 12 cm
Yopo seeds [Anadenanthera Peregrina] 5 grams
Heisenberg Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Kawum) 14 cm
Trip Stopper (Private Label) 4 capsules
Tripsitter Party Supplement 6 tabs
Jurema [Mimosa tenuiflora] cut (Indian Spirit) 50 grams

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Glass Pipe | DMT Pipe

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Ok, we agree, you will not order Ayahuasca ingredients because you are giving a party. Caapi and Psychotria are only the beginning of the ceremony. Order your psychedelic herbs at the Dutch-Headshop.

What is Ayahuasca?

It is a hot topic. An Ayahuasca ceremony. A shaman brings to you the experience of a spiritually sacred journey of an Ayahuasca trip. During such a ceremony, one drinks a tea or drink that is a mixture of a several substances which together have a particularly powerful effect on our brain. You will start a colorful spiritual journey.

Ayahuasca is the South American ceremonial drink that was traditionally used to guide people on spiritual journeys or answers to life issues. Still, Ayahuasca is not "simply a nice trip". An Ayahuasca trip can take many hours up to a few days, and severe physical reactions cannot be ruled out. After a period of internal purification (read: grab a bucket), you step into a rocket. Then, the active ingredient in Ayahuasca starts opening up your third eye and you can explore all corners of the universe, right from your chair.

Ayahuasca is confronting, nauseating and at the same time very beautiful. At least if you know what you are doing. The shaman's drink consists of at least two essential components. Leaves of a plant containing DMT, and a vine containing MAO inhibitors like harmaline.

The Active Substance DMT

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is a naturally occurring substance that hardly works as a trip agent without an MAO inhibitor. That is because our brains very quickly processes DMT. Basically, tripping on pure DMT can only done by inhaling an extract. That is very heavy, and brings you a very short experience at the same time. DMT smoking is also called the businessman's trip, as in fifteen minutes you can be completely off the map, and after that you again stand with both feet on the ground.

That fact this trip is so short-term, is due to a number of enzymes we collectively call MAO (monoamine oxidase). MAO is the cleaning service of our brain. Apart from DMT, it cleans up a number of other substances. The hormones serotonin, norepinephrine and adrenaline for example. The fact it also cleans up DMT, is a nice bonus, as DMT is present everywhere. Even in our own body! But what happens when you stop this cleaning service?

In Ayahuasca, the concentration of DMT is not as high as in synthesized DMT crystals. It is precisely the combination of substances that makes Ayahuasca so powerful and ensures its long-lasting effect. This brew only works by temporarily stopping the DMT cleaning service. Shamans use Caapi (Banisteriopsis caapi trueno), which contains a powerful MAO inhibitor. In Ayahuasca brews, an MAO inhibitor or inhibitor is therefore a substance that prevents the breakdown of DMT.

Is Ayahuasca legal in the Netherlands?

Ayahuasca is not for sale as a finished brew in the Netherlands. Ayahuasca is not legal in the Netherlands. Still, the separate ingredients are. At the Dutch-Headshop we would like to introduce you to the unique qualities of these natural ingredients. Psyhotria Viridis and Banisteriopsis Caapi are just a few special plants that we have in our product assortment.

As a shaman, you can also make so-called Ayahuasca analogues. Those are brews with other ingredients, but with the same kind of effect. These ingredients can also be found in our webshop.