Arizer Vaporizers

High-quality laboratory glass, easy operation and a wide temperature range. Arizer vaporizers belong to the top of the vaporizers. Vaping has the advantage that you do not burn the herbs, so less harmful substances are released. With a Canadian Arizer vaporizer, you can be sure that you are buying quality at an affordable price.

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Arizer Extreme-Q Vaporizer
Special Price 135,00 Regular Price 199,00
Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer
Special Price 209,00 Regular Price 269,00
Arizer Solo II Vaporizer

Starting at 139,00

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Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer Best Buy
Special Price 99,00 Regular Price 169,00
Replacement Balloon Pack Arizer
3′ Whip 90 cm | Arizer V-Tower, XQ2 & Extreme Q
Glass Cyclone Bowl | Arizer XQ2, V-Tower & Extreme Q
Dome Screen Pack | Arizer XQ2, V-Tower & Extreme Q
Screen Pack | Arizer XQ2, V-Tower & Extreme Q
Screen Pack | Arizer Solo, Solo II, Air, Air II & Air MAX
Glass Aroma Tube 110mm | Arizer Solo, Solo II, Air, Air II & Air MAX
Glass Aroma Tube Curved | Arizer Solo, Solo II, Air, Air II & Air MAX
Power Adapter | Arizer V-Tower & Extreme Q
Glass Elbow Adapter | Arizer XQ2, V-Tower & Extreme Q
Glass Heater Cover | Arizer V-Tower & Extreme Q
Glass Mini Whip & Screen | Arizer Extreme Q & XQ2
Remote Control Arizer
Glass Aroma Dish | Arizer Solo, Solo II, Air, Air II & Air MAX
Arizer Solo Accessories
Lader & Power Adapter Arizer

About Arizer

Arizer is a Canadian vaporizer manufacturer with a focus on high-quality and easy-to-use vaporizers. In terms of build quality, features and ease of use, Arizer's vaporizers are comparable to the German Storz & Bickel and stand the test of time. The V-Tower and Extreme-Q are Arizer's luxurious but affordable desktop models. The portable Solo II, Air and ArGo models are the crème de la crème on the other side of the Atlantic. Arizer vaporizers always get good reviews and are easy to clean.

Arizer Solo II

The moment you think improving the Arizer Solo is impossible... The successor to this world-class vape is the Arizer Solo II. Compared to its predecessor we see an added OLED screen, improved battery life and airflow and a shorter heating time thanks to a more powerful heating element. Furthermore, the Solo 2 has a new appearance and sleek design. The flavors of your herbs and cannabis are very well accentuated, thanks to the specially applied laboratory glass in the entire vapor duct. This vaporizer is part of the top segment and you will see and feel this immediately.

Arizer V-Tower

The Arizer V-Tower is the first high quality vaporizer which is also affordable. It is produced in Canada and very popular throughout North America. The vaporizer looks great and comes complete with several additional components. Besides vaporizering the device can also be used for aroma therapy, essential oils and potpouri heater. Multi-functional !

We sell the latest version of the Arizer V-tower. The Arizer V-tower does not have a balloon inflation system. Do you want a vaporizer with a balloon system? Then you better buy the Arizer extreme Q.

Arizer Extreme-Q

The Arizer Extreme-Q vaporizer is the newest version of the Arizer Extreme and comparable to the Volcano vaporizer but cheaper. This Arizer Extreme-Q vaporizer is also seen as the big brother of the Arizer V-tower. The device has a number of additional functions which the Arizer V-tower doesn’t have.

It can be easily operated with a remote control and it works with balloons. This enables you to be much more mobile and you don’t have to stay sat in one place. Also convenient when you want to use the device for several people.

Arizer ArGo

The Arizer ArGo vaporizer is one of the smallest powerhouses. Especially from the Arizer label. However, the device is in no way inferior to its bigger brothers from the same label. The performance of the Arizer ArGo is at least as good. Besides, the Arizer ArGo is very compact and easy to carry with you. Therefore, it makes the ideal vaporizer for outdoors! The Arizer ArGo is only suitable for vaping dry herbs.